Gift tags, socks, party planning and cute Christmas trucks

Last weekend I made gift tags from last years Christmas cards. They turned out really cute. I blogged about this last year. But I still love this idea, it’s resourceful, recycling and cuteness all rolled into one.

gift tags

I finished my son’s socks that I was working on. Remember how I told you I picked the yarn out 5 years ago? It felt really good to finish them up last weekend!! I tried to take a photo of them. Here they are and then he took off!!!


We’ve gotten to visit Ft. Worth for the first time recently and I have to say it is a fun place. Lots to see and do and eat – even if you are the littlest of hipsters!


We’ve decided to have our New Year’s Party again and so my mind has been in party planning mode. I think this year I’m going to keep it more simple than last year but we are going to have a children’s toast again this year. We had a toast for the kids a few hours early thinking some people would want to go home early with their kids but everyone stayed!
We did a balloon drop and bubble wrap pop at around 9 pm. It was tons of fun. I couldn’t believe how long it took the kids to pop the bubbles!  I thought they would all be popped in seconds!


I brought out a big sheet of bubble wrap and we did a count down.  At the same time we dropped balloons down on them and they got to jump up and down on the bubble wrap.  It was a fun time so I’d definitely like to do it again!!

And last but not least, I received the cutest ornament at a recent ornament exchange and ironically it was something that has been on my brain lately.


This is my favorite cute symbol of Christmas time.  I had even found cookie cutters that you could order.  And I also saw the cutest red truck in our hometown Christmas parade.  Funny how things get stuck in your head and then you see them everywhere!
So what holiday thoughts are swirling around in your head?



Summer Knitting – His and Hers

Nothing says knitting like a hot summer day!  This summer while it was 1000 degrees outside I decided it would be a great time to do some knitting! Actually summer time does seem to be a good time for projects, like knitting, that are portable. Knitting projects are also great in summer because they can be picked up for a few minutes and then put down when you get busy with something else. So it some ways it is the perfect summer project!

First, socks for my son.


I think he picked out this yarn 5 years ago!  …….And he was 5.  Luckily, green, yellow and gray still seems to appeal to him!  So it was about time to knit these socks!  Plus, pretty soon he will no longer want hand knit socks made by his mother.  I better enjoy making things for him while I can!  This was my first time using self stripping yarn and I have to say I really like it!  No changing the yarn color!  It just makes these great stripe patterns on its own!  I don’t know why I haven’t tried this type of yarn before!

For my daughter, I am knitting a sweater.  I’ve have been wanting to try this one for a while and if you look on Ravelry literally thousands of people have knit this one up. That is pretty amazing! But I never gave it a try because I didn’t think I would stick with it. I have yet to knit an adult sized sweater but when I realized that this one comes in a child’s size I decided to try it since it would be a smaller project.    sweater

I was pointed in the direction of this sweater from reading Susan B. Anderson’s blog and following her on instagram. Following her feed is dangerous.  She knits so many beautiful thinks you want to try every thing she is making! Right now she is working on project sweater chest. She has an actual chest of sweaters that she has knit over the years many of which she no longer wears. She wants to fill it with new sweaters that she will wear and she is encouraging others to knit sweaters also. So she is in the process of picking her top 10 favorite sweaters that she has knit and the owl sweater pattern that I used to knit the sweater above is one of those 10.


Here are the arms after I knit them.  This was where Jennifer said she would just stop and make leg warmers!  Actually, not a bad idea!  But, I hung in there an as you saw in the above photo I attached them to the body of the sweater.  I’ve started on the owl pattern and I think? I see owls?  We’ll see…..

I’ll have to start a project mini sweater chest as right now I’m happier to work on smaller sweaters! They much more likely to be finished!  So, do you find that certain craft projects are seasonal?  Or do you just start projects that inspire you no matter the season?