Flowers for Giving Thanks

This year I would like to have something a little different on my table for Thanksgiving – no orange pumpkins, no multi-hued foliage.  Just some muted green leaves with a few while petals thrown in for a fresh way to give thanks.  As Thanksgiving is so close to the Christmas season this year several of these could transition right into the rest of the holiday season.

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Pyrex to Planter


pyrex bowl

Yeah, that’s my pyrex bowl with a big ole hole in it.  I was all excited to find this bowl at a yard sale for 50 cents a few weeks ago.  I noticed that it had a crack in it but I didn’t worry about it too much.  Afterall it was only 50 cents!  I was just glad to have found a larger sturdy mixing bowl since mine had fallen out of my cabinet and shattered on the tile floor.  Unfortunately, I should have been a little more careful with this “new” one.  One day I pulled it out of the cabinet and found that the crack had turned into a hole!

Bummer, there goes my new bowl. Fortunately, I had a plan in mind.  Instead of just throwing the bowl out I had some succulents that needed a new home.  But this golden yellow tone wasn’t the look I wanted.  So I pulled out the spray paint.  First I went for silver but then I decided that I wanted to add a new metal to the mix.  I decided I would go for copper.  I added this onto top of the silver just leaving a hint of the silver behind around the top edge of the bowl.  And here is my new planter.


While I’m sad I lost another mixing bowl I’m happy to have a new planter!!  I think my succulents are happy too!

Resolution Me Not

As I was looking over our past year on the blog I came across a post I wrote last year this time with an agenda for things I wanted to sew or make over the next year.  Boy, did I FAIL big time on that list!  I actually had forgotten that I made a list!!

This is what was….

On the agenda for 2013:

  • finish my husband’s quilt that is hanging by completed rows in my sewing room
  • sew doll clothes for daughter’s 18 inch doll – inspired by this post (even though it is for a bear) – love the gold suitcase!
  • some more home decor sewing – a bench cushion and maybe some new curtains?
  • maybe get back into handbag sewing?
  • sew some quilt blocks from the “free” Craftsy block of the month class from 2012
  • build a doll bed? from this site
  • improve my alteration skills – (also a new skill picked up from a Craftsy class)

I scratched them out not because they were done but because they were NOT done.  None of these things happened in ’13.  I still need to finish that darn quilt!  I also still need to make some doll clothes but this year it is more likely to be for Barbie than our 18′ doll.


I also still need to sew bench cushions and now I have yet another bench that needs a cushion!

No handbags were sewn and I never sewed the quilt blocks.  I still want to sew the quilt blocks though just maybe not this year.

My daughter did get a hand me down doll bed so I can sorta check that one off the list! And I did do some small alterations but mainly by hand and not really using the techniques from the craftsy class.

So what DID I do in 2013?

I sewed some bunnies and bunny clothes.

rabbit collage again

I went on a couple of garden tours.

garden tour 284


I also “toured” Anthropology.  And knitting… it seems I did a good bit of knitting!

knit 1Some socks, a couple hats, one of which I never blogged about, a sweater or two  (still working on one), a headband with a flower (never blogged that one either).  I really don’t think I sat at my sewing machine much in ’13!

But I did make a light fixture!

light fixture1

And sewed a chevron skirt – ok so I was at the sewing machine a little!

chevron skirt 1

I made stuffed pumpkins.

last pumpkin

and was scared by Thriller Kitty.



I even made some attire for a lemonade stand!

tut cover

I’m never quite sure where the year will lead me sewing/knitting and making things-wise.  Although I didn’t accomplish any of the things I set out to in 2013 I did accomplish a lot.  I think the rabbits getting moved to the top of the list kind of derailed me from the start but in a good way.  Who knows, without that start I may never have eventually found my way to making a light fixture.  It turns out that making that light fixture was one of my favorite projects of the year. It was also something I had wanted to do for quite a while and it never actually made it onto any list!

So I think the moral of the story is this… beware of lists (and resolutions)  it may veer you off the path you were really meant to take!!

Happy 2014 and don’t make any more resolutions!