Flowers for Giving Thanks

This year I would like to have something a little different on my table for Thanksgiving – no orange pumpkins, no multi-hued foliage.  Just some muted green leaves with a few while petals thrown in for a fresh way to give thanks.  As Thanksgiving is so close to the Christmas season this year several of these could transition right into the rest of the holiday season.

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Pyrex to Planter


pyrex bowl

Yeah, that’s my pyrex bowl with a big ole hole in it.  I was all excited to find this bowl at a yard sale for 50 cents a few weeks ago.  I noticed that it had a crack in it but I didn’t worry about it too much.  Afterall it was only 50 cents!  I was just glad to have found a larger sturdy mixing bowl since mine had fallen out of my cabinet and shattered on the tile floor.  Unfortunately, I should have been a little more careful with this “new” one.  One day I pulled it out of the cabinet and found that the crack had turned into a hole!

Bummer, there goes my new bowl. Fortunately, I had a plan in mind.  Instead of just throwing the bowl out I had some succulents that needed a new home.  But this golden yellow tone wasn’t the look I wanted.  So I pulled out the spray paint.  First I went for silver but then I decided that I wanted to add a new metal to the mix.  I decided I would go for copper.  I added this onto top of the silver just leaving a hint of the silver behind around the top edge of the bowl.  And here is my new planter.


While I’m sad I lost another mixing bowl I’m happy to have a new planter!!  I think my succulents are happy too!

Food Photography

foodpic2I really enjoy baking and gardening.  This summer I had my first Texas garden and I really enjoyed it.  I had a very prolific cherry tomato plant that gave me fresh tomatoes almost daily.  As far as baking goes I’ve finally found a biscuit recipe that I like and I’ve enjoyed making freshly baked biscuits whenever the need arises.  So I’ve found that as I’ve enjoyed both of these hobbies they’ve also lead to another enjoyment and that is of taking pictures of the objects that both hobbies produce, no pun intended!

The eggplants above weren’t grown in my garden but came from my local farmer’s market.  I had never seen baby eggplant and they were so beautiful that I had to take them home and see what I could do with them.  I ended up making an appetizer with them but I thought that they were so perfect that they needed to be photographed on their own before they were made into something else.

Also, you can see the cherry tomatoes I mentioned.  In July I could have taken this same photograph daily, as my tomato plant was loaded with dozens of these rosy orbs. I’m glad I did take these photographs because they bring me enjoyment even now as we roll in to fall.  I can appreciate the taste of summer through them. But I also love that they are not only a memory of a yummy treat or delicious salad but in and of themselves they are beautiful subjects worthy on their own as works of art.

So through my appreciation of food I have come to find a love of food photography.  I love the way it shows everyday objects, things we take for granted, on an elevated scale.  Through photos we can savor and appreciate the taste and sustenance these foods bring in an almost holistic way.

Photographer Katie Davies first made me take notice of this art through her photographs and since then I’ve taken notice whenever I see food photographs in books or magazines.  How are the shots composed?  What message are they trying to deliever? How do these photos make me feel?  They help me to appreciate art in the everyday.

Have you taken photos of your food?  Do tell.