About Us

Mary Claire & Jen

We are two friends, Mary Claire and Jennifer, who share a love of crafts and design. We met in Stuttgart, Germany when our sons were in the same first grade class at school. We quickly hit it off and learned we had lots in common. Mary Claire moved back to the U.S. in 2011 and we knew we’d keep in touch. A blog seemed to be a great way for us to share our craft and decorating projects with each other.

It took us a while, months really, to come up with a blog name. We liked the sound of Remember Wren, but we weren’t sure how it really related to us and our blog. Then the more we thought about it, the more it made sense. We have learned our craft and design skills from someone, maybe our mothers or grandmothers and we remember them when we work on our projects. We remember how much fun we had being creative when we were kids and we want to have that creativity in our lives every day. With wren we honor our friendship. The Carolina Wren is the state bird of South Carolina, a place we are both connected to.

With Remember Wren we hope to share our projects with each other and you. We are grateful for all the craftspeople who came before us and we want to give their work and ideas a new and modern spin. We plan to be honest and show our mistakes and just plain bad ideas so hopefully we can all learn from them. Most of all, we just wanna have fun! We hope you enjoy our blog.


Jennifer Lease

I’m originally from Council Bluffs, Iowa. I currently live in Summerville, South Carolina, near Charleston. Our family has also lived in Alaska, New Hampshire, New York, Pennsylvania, and Maryland, pretty much up and down the East Coast! We recently lived in Germany for two and a half years.

I studied film criticism at the University of Iowa, but my lifelong love of interior design took over after I got married. When my son was a baby I completed my interior design degree from The Sheffield School of Interior Design. My first job after my son started school was as a Design Consultant at a home furnishings and design store in the Charleston, SC area. While in South Carolina I also completed my training and started a business as an Eco-Consultant with Green Irene.

I’m a stay at home mom with lots of time on her hands and an itch to design, craft and decorate. I’m currently working on updating our home with all sorts of decorating projects. Thank goodness for the internet! With this blog I hope to learn a lot from my good friend Mary Claire and keep in touch by sharing our craft and decorating projects.


Mary Claire King

I’m a wife and a mother of two young children.  We’ve moved around quite a bit these past few years but now we’ve settled in Texas.  I love to sew and knit.  I first began knitting about 8 years ago when I was pregnant with my first child.  I knit him a blanket. I didn’t choose the best yarn for the project or even do any of the stitches correctly!  It turned out ok but before I started my next project I had a friend show me how to do it the right way.  My love of knitting took off from there.

Then a couple of years after I learned to knit I decided I wanted to learn to sew.  So I took a beginning sewing class.  I found I loved it and was amazed at what all I was able to make after simply learning how to stitch in a straight line!  In the past 6 years I have made all kinds of things.  I have sewn home decor, clothing, bags and quilts.  I have found that I love it all!  The internet has been a constant source of inspiration for me in my knitting and sewing projects.   I love seeing all that you can do with these two mediums.  I’m always up for learning something new!  I love all the knowledge I’ve gained through the use of all the wonderful creative blogs out there.  I’d like this blog to be a place where I can keep a record of the things I make and do.  I’d also like to give a little back to the community that has inspired my creativity these past few years.  Thanks for stopping by!

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