How To Tackle A Warehouse Sale

Last week I went to the annual Quiozel factory warehouse sale. It is a two-day event held once a year. I first realized this warehouse existed two years ago after I had ordered two light fixtures for my dining room from either Joss & Main or One Kings Lane. I received the package via UPS before I even received the e-mail notice saying my order had been shipped. Turns out the Quiozel warehouse is in a neighboring town. Then I heard about their warehouse sale in a local commercial.

Over the last two years we’ve pretty much replaced all of the light fixtures in our house, so we didn’t need much, but I thought I’d check out the sale anyway. The place was a madhouse. I had to park a couple of blocks away and walk the long way around the warehouse to find the entrance, over the hill, through the swamp, and around the television truck. Really! Seriously, I just about ruined my favorite pair of shoes when I stepped in some very soggy ground, so I highly advise wearing comfortable all-weather shoes to these things.


Grab the first cart or set of wheels you find, even if it’s in the parking lot. Hopefully, you’ll need it.

Be prepared to be completely overwhelmed by the amount of things to look at. The Tiffany style lamps and chandeliers grabbed my attention, but I didn’t buy because they just don’t fit my style. In fact, I should have remembered from two years ago that there really wasn’t much to choose from that would work in my house. I was only lucky enough to grab two mirrors and three outdoor lights last time.


I think it’s probably best to take a friend who can help you run items to the holding area. Quiozel supplies open boxes as big as pallets where people can put things while they shop. It looks like warehouse employees supervise the area, but I’d still rather have someone guarding my loot. After you pay, the warehouse guys will deliver your pallet to your car when you pull around to the loading dock. Nifty.


Of course, you have to wait in line first. I don’t know how long that took because I didn’t buy anything this time. Shoot! Prices ranged from $10 to $220. I think that worked out to be about 25% of the original price.


I can see where this would be lots of fun and a huge savings if you are completely remodeling your house, or maybe a contractor or landlord. I’d go there just to stock up. If you ever have the opportunity to attend a warehouse sale, I highly recommend that you review the company’s products online. It may not be the exact same stuff that is available at the sale, but at least you’ll have a sense of the type and style of products they sell. I also think the styles at the warehouse sale were a few years old, so be aware of that. It really seemed like a waste of time for me, especially when I thought I ruined my favorite shoes and didn’t even buy anything. It turns out my shoes are okay. I know you were worried about that! No sale is worth ruining a pair of shoes!

Have you had any experience with warehouse sales? Do you think they are worth the hype or hassle?



One thought on “How To Tackle A Warehouse Sale

  1. I’ve never been to a warehouse sale. Sounds like shopping at IKEA but on a much grander scale!! Too bad you didn’t fund anything but sometimes with these warehouse deals like you said you really have to do your research. This helps you to know if it’s worth the trouble or not.

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