Pyrex to Planter


pyrex bowl

Yeah, that’s my pyrex bowl with a big ole hole in it.  I was all excited to find this bowl at a yard sale for 50 cents a few weeks ago.  I noticed that it had a crack in it but I didn’t worry about it too much.  Afterall it was only 50 cents!  I was just glad to have found a larger sturdy mixing bowl since mine had fallen out of my cabinet and shattered on the tile floor.  Unfortunately, I should have been a little more careful with this “new” one.  One day I pulled it out of the cabinet and found that the crack had turned into a hole!

Bummer, there goes my new bowl. Fortunately, I had a plan in mind.  Instead of just throwing the bowl out I had some succulents that needed a new home.  But this golden yellow tone wasn’t the look I wanted.  So I pulled out the spray paint.  First I went for silver but then I decided that I wanted to add a new metal to the mix.  I decided I would go for copper.  I added this onto top of the silver just leaving a hint of the silver behind around the top edge of the bowl.  And here is my new planter.


While I’m sad I lost another mixing bowl I’m happy to have a new planter!!  I think my succulents are happy too!

3 thoughts on “Pyrex to Planter

  1. Great idea! Maybe another option would have been a pendant light, that is if the hole was the right size. Welcome to the succulent craze! I bet an herb garden would work too.

    • Yes, I’m on the succulent band wagon!! I love them! Except I think I’m the only one who has a harder time keeping them alive – more than regular plants!! Hope they don’t end up on your not in my house list!! In my defense I’ve my love of them started with a Christmas cactus 10 years ago. I’m a big fan!! Speaking of that I need to get a new one….

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