Living with a DIY

title shotI have been enjoying my DIY beaded wall sconces for several months now and I thought it would be interesting to share how it has been living with a DIY.  Sometimes these DIYs seem like a great idea but but over time they show their true colors.

Fortunately, I am still enjoying my wall sconces.  I use them everyday, well every night really, as they are the last things I click off each evening.  I have really enjoyed the convenience of the switch being an arms length away.  I simply have to reach over and switch them off.  They provide just the right amount of light for reading before going to bed, not too bright, and not too dark.  Originally, I worried that the clear glass would mean too bright of a light to read by, but I ended up using an Edison vintage style bulb that is a lower wattage and has a bit of a darker tint to it.  So with the new bulb it is an easy light to read by at night.

Another worry I had with these was that since they are basically only held to the wall with one screw I thought that when I went to turn them off that they would move around and become all wonky.  Thankfully that hasn’t happened.


So far the biggest negative with these light fixtures is that they get dusty inside and you have to use a duster to get inside to clean them up.  Other than that I really like the look of them.  The clear glass and wooden beads give them a trendy feel but since they aren’t store-bought they have their own original look.

So all in all this is a DIY I can live with!  Do you have any DIYs you love?  Or do you have some that just didn’t measure up? Let me know!

4 thoughts on “Living with a DIY

  1. Glad to see you still like your sconces. They look great! I remember one, well maybe two, DIY projects I tried when Josh was a baby. I was trying to decorate his room and I took a white dresser and painted it blue and I painted a white toy box red. Neither project stood the test of time, probably because I didn’t do it right. Anyway, we’ve outgrown those projects. I suppose the toy box went to the landfill because it was cheap junk anyway. I think the dresser went to a family member. I think those projects might be why I’m so hesitant to get on the refinishing furniture bandwagon. Natural wood for me!

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