Hello, Gorgeous!

Hi, everyone! This is just a quick update to share my new favorite thing around the house. We finally replaced the horrible faucet in our kitchen. Here it is in all of it’s formerly nasty glory.

Old Faucet

Aaack! I can’t believe we’ve owned our house for six years and I put up with that thing for so long. It really was the cheapest of it’s type that you can buy. The finish under the handles was so corroded that it was impossible to keep clean. Not to mention how inconvenient the two handles are when you have greasy, gooey hands.

Look at my new faucet.

New Faucet

It’s the Delta Lewiston in chrome. Isn’t it gorgeous? First of all, I love that it’s the single lever style, which is so much easier to use. I really like that I can pull the sprayer out of the spout and there are two spray options. We used the old sprayer hole for the soap dispenser that came with the faucet. Neato! Improving the little things that you use every day can make your home so much more pleasant. Don’t you agree?


One thought on “Hello, Gorgeous!

  1. Wow! That looks great and much more user friendly!! You are right little improvements can make a huge difference!!!

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