Year Two In Review

I suddenly realized the other night that the two year anniversary of living in our house had passed a couple of weeks ago. I owe y’all another Year-In-Review post, just like the one I did last year. At the end of that post I hoped we would get the popcorn ceilings removed and walls painted in the rest of the house. Guess what? We did it!

hallway before and after

Technically, the central hallway of our house did have the popcorn ceilings removed and walls painted, but I added the gallery wall and rug in year two. Since this after photo was taken, we also changed out all of the brass door hardware with oil rubbed bronze.

Office collage

We took the popcorn ceiling down in the office, but kept the wall color the same, so the change wasn’t as dramatic. We basically went from totally disorganized to slightly more organized. There is lots of work left to do in this room.

Guest Bedroom Collage

We tackled the guest room before the other bedrooms. We figured it would be good to do that room first, then we slept there when working on the other bedrooms. As you can see, this room still has a long way to go. We plan on using this room for a second TV and kid hang out room. It will also house all of my craft and décor supplies.

Josh's Bedroom Collage

Josh’s room changed the most of any in the house. His room evolved like this over the course of the year. I didn’t get to paint the stripes on he wall until a few months after we did the ceiling and walls. I added the new curtains at about the same time as the stripes. He wasn’t happy with all of the orange, so I had to change the largest orange stripe to a blue stripe. It’s always in the details, isn’t it?

Laundry Room Collage

The laundry room was freshened up with one of my favorite colors and a new rug. I still need to paint the door to the garage.

Living room 1

The living room was a huge job thanks to that vaulted ceiling. I was so glad to see the yellow go and ugly ceiling fan go. I hope we can add more furniture and pretty pillows this year.

Before and After

The last beige room was finally tackled this summer. I love the new brown walls more than I can say. I hope to sew new curtains and nicer decorative pillows this year.

So that is the end of year two. All of the popcorn ceilings are gone. All of the walls are painted. All of the brass door hardware has been replaced. All of the light fixtures have been replaced, except for the ceiling fan in the guest bedroom. I’ll get to that soon, I hope. I’m so looking forward to actual decorating and craft projects this year. Our days of drywall dust are done!

5 thoughts on “Year Two In Review

  1. Great job!!! Look at all very accomplished!!! Everything looks great! The hallway with that rug is one of my favorites! Look forward to seeing what you do in the coming year!!

  2. Before reading this post I felt bad about wanting to change every door knob in our new (March 2014) house to rubbed bronze from a combo of nickel, rubbed bronze & only the Lord knows what! BTW I am going to use the picture from your sink remodel because I forgot to take a picture of my sink remodel I will credit your blog and link it back to you. (if you do not want me to use the picture let me know and I’ll remove it asap!!) As I was reading this post I started looking up at our ceilings in horror only to realize this was the house that didn’t have popcorn ceilings thank goodness, but we do have painted paneling in the family room. <> I really enjoyed your blog and as we remodel our 1950’s ranch in Texas I know we are not alone! BTW I went to Berkeley and spent a lot of time in SF, it’s a nice place to visit but a hard place to live. Between the cost of living and the tourists it can be really challenging! Blessings,Kyle Suzanne

    • Thanks for reading our blog. It is nice to know someone finds it useful or inspirational. Please feel free to link to our blog with credit because love being part of the blogging community.

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