A Few Words About San Francisco Real Estate

Every once in a while my husband threatens to find a job in the San Francisco Bay Area. I say threaten because for a Midwesterner like me, the San Francisco is insanely expensive and while I’m a liberal at heart, maybe the whole area is just a little too far West for me. Well, a few weeks ago we finally went to San Francisco mostly for vacation, but the trip was also part reconnaissance mission. What is San Francisco real estate like? Would the lifestyle be a good fit for us?

Here are a few pictures and my thoughts of our San Francisco experience (I took the pictures with my phone and I only cropped the images).

Alcatraz building

Bay views are essential and apparently a roof will cost you extra.

living roof top

Environmentally conscientious Californians like a “living roof”. This one made me think I was in The Shire.

crooked driveway

Street parking is tricky and there are always tourists to deal with.


Curb appeal is important, so some sort of quirky sculpture is recommended.


Gates will keep the tourists farther away, but it won’t stop them from taking pictures. In fact, it just makes them wonder even more about what is inside.

no trespassing

If you cover the side of your building in a beautiful flowering vine you must, absolutely must, post a No Trespassing sign to keep tourists from getting any closer.

jail cell

Efficiency apartments are super tiny and only rented to arts and crafters.


One animal skull on the wall isn’t enough.

toilet fountain

The plumbing is confusing.

jail shower

The trend toward larger showers with multiple shower heads has gotten extreme.

hanger chandelier

Bay Area homeowners are so broke, they’ve resorted to making their own chandeliers.

family portrait

Some selfies are under the influence of psychedelic drugs.

lily pond

Your backyard pond must have lily pads.


Don’t forget the pagoda.

painted ladies facelift

The postcard perfect Painted Ladies are not always camera ready and need a face-lift every now and then.

zen garden

Everyone has their own private Zen garden.

There you have it. While I doubt we’ll be moving there any time soon, hopefully I’ve given you some inspiration on how to live like a San Franciscan. For now, I’m grateful for the roof over my head and that I don’t have to park on Lombard St.

2 thoughts on “A Few Words About San Francisco Real Estate

  1. Looks like you had fun!! You saw that same chandelier,huh? For me San Francisco was a fun place to visit but too expensive to live there!! It’s pretty though and there’s lots to do!! Looks like you had a nice trip!

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