Bye-Bye Beige!

We are quickly approaching our two year anniversary of moving back into our house and guess what? After owning our home for six years, we have finally gotten around to painting the master bedroom! Sound the trumpets and hear the choirs sing! Here is the before picture complete with the lovely pink tone beige color that was in every room of the house when we bought it.

Master Before

Note the ugly brass hardware, ceiling fan and popcorn ceilings. Bleh. Here is the after.

Master After

Bye-bye beige and hello beautiful brown! For some reason I love dark brown in the bedroom. The last house we owned, I painted the master with a very similar color. Just like every room we’ve done before, we removed the popcorn ceiling, replaced the ugly light fixture and changed out the door hardware. That is all we did and I think it is a huge improvement. I just love what the more dramatic color does for this room. I think the room can handle the dark color thanks to the high ceiling and all of the light we get from the two west-facing windows.

different angle

Since I’m done with ceilings and painting this house, I look forward to lots of fun projects in the coming months including new curtains for this room and new decorative pillows for the bed. I’d like to change out these curtains for something less sheer, but still light in color, probably a white linen. I still like the idea of colorful pillows to coordinate with just about the only artwork I have in the room, the print on the left side wall.


These are Cathy Nichols prints I purchased from her Etsy shop. Since she no longer has the Etsy shop, you have to go through a Los Angeles gallery to purchase her work. Darn it! I like how the bright colors look against the dark wall.

bedside table

Another project that I might try is resurfacing the glass lamps. I don’t know how this happens, but the inside of the glass has gotten dirty and as far as I can tell, there is no way for me to clean it. I don’t get it. A possible solution is to frost the glass, or apply some sort of glass texture.

tall wall

This tall wall is a big blank. I have two large canvases that I might try to paint with colors that coordinate with the Cathy Nichols prints. I’m also thinking the dresser should have a tall funky lamp sitting on the left side and then I’ll slide in a comfy chair in the left corner for a nice reading nook. Maybe I’ll place a large round basket filled with throw blankets to the right of the dresser.

Before and After

So, we’ve cozied up the bedroom with a beautiful brown color. I can’t wait to add some decorative touches. What color do you like to paint your bedroom? Do you prefer dramatic colors or maybe something serene? Maybe both, like my chocolate brown?

In my next post I plan to share some pictures from our recent trip to San Francisco. See you then!



One thought on “Bye-Bye Beige!

  1. Lovely bedroom, Jennifer!! I love the color and with your prints on the wall it looks really great!! I love your glass lamps, too. I’m surprised that you had the problem with them. I would have never guessed that could happen but like you said there are many options to remedy the situation!! Keep me posted. As for bedroom wall colors I like serene blues and greens. But I do love the drama of your brown walls! I can’t wait to hear about the SF trip!!

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