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It already seems like summer is in full swing and if you look at my Instagram feed this is the case!  We’ve already had several weeks of great weather.  It has been a time to enjoy the outdoors and as we did that we also had our end of year scouts, end of season parties for sports, recitals, birthdays, Mother’s day, Memorial day… and all kinds of days.  In the midst of all that activityI really enjoyed picking that one special photo to describe the fun of the moment.  While I’m not a huge Facebook fan.  I really enjoy Instagram!


Above are photos from the last few weeks.  It is fun to look through your pictures at a glance and remember those moments.  I haven’t posted in a while but looking at my photos reminds me why!  Time has flown by with so much going on!

In the midst of this end of year craziness, about a week ago, I went with my neighbor to a nearby town that has a surprising amount of antique shops.  I saw lots of fun things.  It is a town that deserves it’s own blog post.  Sadly, I didn’t take photos while I was there.  It’s claim to fame is that it is the hometown of World War II hero Audie Murphy.  Although accidental, going right before Memorial Day seemed like an appropriate time to visit.  My family even watched the Biography channel movie about his life later that Memorial day weekend.  It was amazing all he accomplished in a short time.

While in Audie Murphy’s hometown of Farmersville I stumbled upon these chairs.  There were three of them.  They were sitting outside one of the businesses with a sign that said “free, please take them with you”.  And so I did!  I had been wanting to find some retro style chairs for my yard but all the types that I liked really didn’t go with the more traditional brick exterior of my home.  But I think these chairs with their retro styling and more traditional color gave me a look that worked.

May 2014 222

Next I had to figure out a cushion solution.  I didn’t want to purchase any more foam to make more cushions.  After having made that last bench cushion in my kitchen I wanted a break from cushion making for a while and foam is so expensive!  Then I remembered I had these, rather large, pillows.  I had made them a few years earlier but they proved to be too large for our couch and were always ending up on the floor.  They were colors that would go great with the chairs.  So I slapped them down and they did look nice!

May 2014 254

But it wasn’t quite right.  So then I had the idea to box the corners of the pillows to make them look more like a chair cushion.

May 2014 255

To box the corners I just had to turn the pillow cases inside out.  Then take each corner and pull the two sides of the fabric away from each other and flatten the corner in that new direction.  Then sew diagonally across that new corner that I made.  Then I repeated for the other three corners and my boxed corners were all done!

May 2014 256

I really liked this quick fix as it enabled me to use something perfectly good that I already had.  Are you seeing a pattern here?  I am really happy when I can make the most of something I already own.  I think most of us are like this, no?  Obviously these aren’t ideal outdoor pillows as they aren’t made of a durable outdoor fabric.  But, since I will only use these occasionally and since they were just sitting on a shelf not being used this new found use is a win-win!

May 2014 223

Here you see the other two chairs off in the distance.  The chair up close here is a glider.  We have all ended up fighting over it.  Everyone loves a glider chair.  Since I only had the two pillows I did purchase a flat outdoor cusion from Target so all seats had a cushion.  I think for that small investment we will get lots of enjoyment out of these chairs this summer – that is until next week when it is too hot to go outside!!

So, it seems more and more in magazines you see indoor items used for outdoor decor.  Do you ever do that?  Or do you think in real life it isn’t so practical?  I think I’m on the fence on this one.  What do you think?




4 thoughts on “Outdoor Decor

  1. Mary, I love the chairs…did you paint them or were they already that color. I can’t believe someone wanted to get rid of them so badly. Clever the way you created the cushion corners. Susie H.

    • Susie, yes, they were already that color. Someone had traded them in for something else in the person’s store and the store didn’t want to sell them because the rest of the stuff in their store were more upscale antiques-I guess you would say? So they just wanted to get rid of them. I think there were more pieces to the set that they had already gotten rid of. Outdoor furniture these days is so generic so I was happy to find something a little different! >

  2. I think the chairs are great. The color is fab and is complimentary to the brick color. You were meant to have those chairs, lucky lady.

    When I see a lot of expensive furniture with cushions on decks and patios, I kinda wonder how practical that would be in South Carolina. Might work in dry Texas, but it would be a science experiment here. I’d be growing my own penicillin. I thin I would be more inclined to put outdoor furniture IN my house because I’ve always liked the casual look of rattan and bamboo.

    So, Instagram, huh. Should I get on there too?

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