New To Me

I must have been in an adventurous mood a couple of weeks ago. Or, more likely, I was just one highly motivated momma. My son turned 10 two weeks ago and I found myself trying three things I’ve never done before to get ready for his birthday.

I used iron-on transfer paper to make Minecraft themed t-shirts for my son and his friends. This is obviously not an original idea. I copied from Frugal Family Times.

Josh's birthday

Joshua is so silly, he gave himself bunny ears! I thought this was very easy and I’m pleased with how it turned out. I would consider using a white t-shirt for more complicated designs because it can be hard to cut away all of the white paper before you iron the pattern to the shirt. If you leave any white attached, it will transfer to the shirt.

Keeping with the Minecraft party theme, I made a Minecraft cake. According to Josh, a chocolate cake with green frosting just wouldn’t do because there is a cake inside the game and that is the cake he wanted. So, here is my version.

Fondant cake

I just Googled Minecraft cake until I found some pictures and videos that helped me figure out how to do it. This was the my first experience with fondant and I’m thinking it will be my last. Now I see why people pay big bucks for birthday cakes. First, I found it really difficult to work with. I made it from scratch and it was hard to keep it from getting sticky. If I rolled it out too thin, it would stretch apart. Then it was hard to get it on the cake. In the end, everyone who ate the cake thought the frosting was too thick and too sweet.

Since it was the boy’s 10th birthday, I thought I should finally get around to painting those stripes he wanted on his bedroom wall.


I think it turned out great and the advice I followed from The Inspired Room really worked. I took my time making level lines on the wall, pressing down the Frog Tape, and sealing the tape with the blue background paint so the orange and cream stripes wouldn’t bleed through. When I pulled the tape off the wall, the stripe edges were pristine! I was so tickled I giggled and clapped for myself. Really!

The bad news on this project is that even though Joshua pre-approved the stripe layout and colors, he hated, HATED the final look. Gasp! I worked all day on it and was so excited with how it turned out. Ugh! So, there will be some tweaking to make the wall less orange and more blue in the coming days. I’ll blog in more detail about Josh’s room when we get that done.

So, those are the three new things I tried in the week before my son’s birthday. What has inspired you to try something new around your house or in your life? Have you had not-so-much fun with fondant? Have you had success with stripes?

2 thoughts on “New To Me

  1. Awesome job, Jennifer! Love the t-shirts. They turned out great as did the cake! And wow! The stripes were amazing! I painted a lamp recent in two colors and that advice would have helped me as I had less than stellar results! You did a great job! It’s always fun to try something new! I guess building a raised bed was my something new!

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