Three Weeks with My Parents

Back in February my parents came to visit and we had a great time, but we stayed busy!  My mom painted my entire back yard fence over the course of the three weeks.


We built a raised bed.  We had my front shutters and front door painted, assembled a basketball goal and put together a sand box!  Also my Dad made a bird feeder – out of a water bottle and popsicle sticks.  I wish I could find the picture.  It was something!  But all kidding aside it was a productive and exhausting time!

Today though I want to share with you the raised bed that we made.  I found plans on the Pioneer Woman website for building a raised bed.  So my parents and I went off to Lowe’s for the material that we would need.




First my Dad and I cut the wood.  I helped measure and let him make the cuts.  I still find the circular saw a little scary!  Once all the boards were measured and cut the rest was pretty simple.


Aren’t my protective goggles awesome?  I’m pretty sure they were left over from a college chemistry lab! We also decided to make our own stakes as it was much cheaper.  In this case I wielded the jig-saw and it went pretty quick!  I ended up cutting them a little shorter than I was suppose to but they ended up working out just fine.



Next, we just followed the directions and made a rectangle using the two long and two short boards that we cut.  Once we made sure the corners were square we used a drill to screw them together.  Then we stapled landscaping fabric to the bottom so that weeds wouldn’t grow up into our garden from the ground below.



Finally, we flipped it over and picked the spot where we wanted it to go.  Then we placed the stakes into the ground along the inner sides of the rectangle.  Next we screwed those into the rectangle.  Then we made a second rectangle right on top of the first one in the same way.  We screwed the stakes to that second layer of the rectangle as well.  And done!  Well, except then we had to go get all the dirt we needed to fill it in.  But once that was all done we were ready to plant!


We decided to wait until Good Friday to plant as that is what the Farmer’s Almanac says you are suppose to do and I’m glad we did!  Last week we had another cold snap and I ran into several people at the garden center who were buying their second round of plants as the cold had killed their first plants!

So this weekend my daughter and I got all our tomatoes, bell peppers, herbs and even cantalope into the ground and here it is all ready to go!


Thanks Mom and Dad for helping me make this happen and all your hard work while you were here!!  You guys made me tired, but it was worth it!!






3 thoughts on “Three Weeks with My Parents

  1. Parents are the best helpers! I’ve got bed but they need to be tilled, my seedlings are turning into plants but I’ve been putting it off.

  2. Awesome, Mary Claire! Your parents are great sports to do all that work while they visited. I don’t even want to think about staining a fence because just waterproofing ours was a pain. The raised garden looks great. That is something Jeromy wants to do in our backyard.

    Glad to see you on the blog. I like how we always seem to be working on different types of projects.

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