Finally, A Lovely Living Room!

Hello, everyone! I can’t believe it has been a month since I’ve written a post. I finally got over my February funk and made some progress around here, then the blog literally went to the dogs. Well, I’m back with some big improvements to the living room. Wanna see?

Here is what the living room looked like in March.

west wall before

Now it looks like this.

west wall after

I hope you can tell the difference. Popcorn ceiling – gone! Ugly ceiling fan – gone! Yellow walls – gone! White sheer curtains – gone! Wohoo! Sometimes I feel like the pictures I take don’t accurately show what a big change actually occurred in the room we worked on. I don’t know if you’ll see it this way, but I think this is a big difference. It just goes to show what paint and new curtains can do. It FEELS so much better.

Here is a before picture from another angle. I painted the new paint colors next to the clock when I was deciding if I wanted to paint the ceiling darker than the walls.

East wall

You can really see how the yellow living room clashed with the light gray in the rest of the house. We lived with that for well over a year!

East wall after

Ahhhhh, the yellow is gone! You can’t really tell from the picture above, but I did decide to go ahead and paint the ceiling a darker color, Sherwin Williams Sedate Gray. The walls are Moderne White, just like the kitchen and hallway.

South wall

In this photo you can really notice the darker color on the ceiling. I love it! It was a really good choice, I think. I was so worried it might seem too dark, but during some parts of the day, the ceiling and walls almost look like the same color. It just depends on sunlight versus shadows. I’m not going to go into detail about removing the popcorn ceiling since I already wrote a How-To in this post, but I will say it was super exhausting working on a sloped ceiling. We are really happy with how it turned out, but due to the added difficulty, it isn’t as perfect as other rooms we worked on. I wanted to be honest about that, but I’m not going to point out the flaws because, darn it, it’s good enough and I’m okay with that.

After the ceiling was done we also worked on a lot of little repairs to the walls and trim.

Bad corner

I replaced a lot of caulking and patched up a lot of trim before painting the walls. It was well worth the additional work to make the entire room feel cleaned up. The backdoor needed a lot of work too. It looks so nice now, especially dressed with new curtains.

backdoor and fireplace

You can notice the darker ceiling in this picture too. And, hey, about those snazzy new curtains I scored at West Elm, I was one day away from trekking to my favorite local fabric shop to search for fabric for new curtains when I received an e-mail advertising a sale on curtains. They just happened to have something very close to what I was hoping for. I knew I wanted pattern on the wall to help balance all of the dark furniture in the room and I was thinking a neutral color would be best so I could really go wild with colorful artwork and pillows. Here’s a close up of the fabric and the tie-back I rigged.

curtain detail

Now  you can see how the pattern is an Ikat. I couldn’t really see that detail online when I ordered, but what the heck. The tie-back is burlap ribbon I already had and a white enamel hook I purchased at Target. This tie-back might be temporary if I find something nicer.

Not much changed on the fireplace or TV wall.

North wall

Most of that TV set-up will migrate to the guest room when we get a new TV. Hopefully it won’t be too long before that happens. I think a fiddle leaf fig tree or maybe a banana plant would be perfect for that corner. There certainly is plenty of height for a tree. Getting up on a ladder to work on the ceiling confirmed that.

South wall

I also have a 3ft. x 3ft. canvas that I’ll use to create artwork for between the curio cabinet and backdoor. The chair and sofa are in desperate need of new pillows and I can’t wait to shop for a variety of colorful fabrics for that project. I’m also thinking of refinishing the end tables, but I’m just flirting with that idea right now.

I’m so glad the ceiling and walls are done. It is messed up to make excuses for your house when guests come over. A person just shouldn’t apologize or explain their house, but I found myself explaining we didn’t mean for our living room to look that way. Well, now it doesn’t anymore and I don’t have any excuses! Hooray!

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6 thoughts on “Finally, A Lovely Living Room!

  1. Maybe until you get your plant you could center your TV on that wall. you may find it feels a little less heavy on the left of the room and actually wouldn’t a built in shelving unit look amazing on that wall?

    • Thanks for the suggestions! I have done lots of brainstorming on how to deal with that wall. A corner built-in would be fab and balance the fireplace nicely! I wish I was confidant enough to pull off that DIY project. I don’t think I’ll have it figured out until I see how a 75″ TV looks hanging there. I might have to tape off the space on the wall to better visualize it.

      Thanks for reading our blog. : )

  2. You did such a good job painting! Idk if you want any CC on the furniture placement, but if you brought the chair to the other side of the sofa, and angled it towards the fireplace, while moving the couch in about three or four feet I think it would make the space a lot cozier! If you aren’t looking for CC I’m sorry in advance, I might rearrange my furniture more than a sane person would. 😉

    • Thanks for the input. I do appreciate it! It is probably difficult to tell in pictures, but our sofa sits just a foot out of the major path from the central hall of our house to the back door. I think I should figure out how to do floor plans to include in my posts. I do get what your saying about making the room cozier. Someday, when we have more spending money, I hope to buy another chair and a proper coffee table for the room. Right now the layout works for us because it gives my 10 year old son and our dog ample room to play. Our living room is really a double duty space since our house is small. Thanks for the input and reading our blog. Keep rearranging!

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