A Dogoversary

Hello, my name is Indy and I am a dog.   I sort of took over today for my pal MC.  She doesn’t know… kind of like a lot of things I do.  She likes to make stuff, as you know. It bores me.  I will admit I can be high maintenance and that calls for her undivided attention.  I really don’t like sharing my time with a pair of scissors or knitting needles or things like that so sometimes I may just start chewing on them just so I can focus her attention back to where it should be – on me.   Sometimes I watch her staring at something and then I see that look in her eye and I know, oh brother, she’s off on another one of her tangents – hanging a metal basket from the ceiling.  Does she need another lamp? No, but she doesn’t mind spending a few good petting hours of MY time tending to the lamp she doesn’t need or another sweater or knitted sock that the kids don’t need. I mean come on we live in Texas!


Sometimes I kind of pretend like I’m a cat.  They get their masters attentions – don’t they?  And you know how, right?  By totally ignoring them.  Now, this is really hard for me to do but some how I manage.  Also, and this is important, while I ignore her I’ll lay right on top of whatever she happens to be working on …. also like a cat.  I’ve found that this works out pretty darn well for me!

I”m pretty sophisticated.  I’m not your run of the puppy mill dog…oh no.  I’m too refined for some of the tactics my fellow dog friends may use.  I prefer to do some elegant napping  by resting my chin just so on the side arm of the couch.  I would never lay all over the floor slobbering.  Ugh!

My coat is a very complimentary color to my people’s bedroom.  I don’t think this was planned – atleast I hope not! How ridiculous… however when I am lounging about, very tastefully I might add, I think I add a certain something to the air of the room.  No, not that certain something….geez… you people , I mean REally!  I smell divine!


I’ve been in some of these blog posts.  You might have seen me?  Yes, I try to be included whenever I can just to class things up a bit for Mary Claire.  Just look at that handsome devil!  She needs the help whenever she can get it.  Poor thing…Yes I’ll just pretend I’m bored and can’t be bothered to get up and ususally she just lets me stay in the photo.  Little does she know what a favor I am doing her.


Oh and speaking of favors this month marks the second blogoversary of her and her friend Jennifer’s blog.  Can you believe that?  Those poor girls have managed to keep this thing going for two years! Ha, two years of time that should have all been, mine, mine, all MINE!  Oh, ahem, sorry I mean isn’t it wonderful they’ve found enough stuff to write about for 2 years?!

Personally, I don’t know how but they did.  (Probably, they wouldn’t have been able to do it without me, but what do I know? I’m just a dog.)


I’m sure Mary Claire will spend many more hours sharing things with you that you don’t really want to know about and making stuff she really doesn’t need.  Well, I will continue my stealthy appearances on this blog to keep interest up.  Personally, I think there should be more dogs on here and more dog topics. But until then I will be patiently napping on the latest quilt in progress.


Oh and Happy 2 Year Blogoversary Remember Wren, (what kind of name is that – named after a bird of all things?)  Maybe in year three we can call it Remember Retriever or Remember Rover. That has a much nicer ring to it don’t you think? Until then happy reading (if you can mangage it when my handsome self is not around!)

Many Paws,


One thought on “A Dogoversary

  1. Indy, you are too funny! Maybe Mary Claire will sew or knit something for you one day and you can model it on the blog. I bet you’d like that, since you like being the center of attention. I think you’d get along great with my dog, Buster.

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