February Funk

Have you heard of the dreaded disease homeowners catch nearly every winter? I had it bad last month and I’m still not out of the grips of the February Funk.

In my last post I promised to be back in a couple of weeks with an update on our newly improved living room. Well, here it is.

Living Room

What has changed? Not a darn thing! Jeromy had a last minute change in his work schedule, so we had to delay starting this project. Boooo! Then, when I went to Sherwin Williams on the last day my 25% off coupon was valid, I heard the clerk tell another customer that a new sale would be starting soon with a larger discount. So, I haven’t even bought the paint yet. I usually get an e-mail when they start a new sale and I haven’t seen anything. I think I’ll have to do a drive by and see what is going on at my local store. So, no progress in the living room. Maybe next week?

I haven’t even accomplished much more in our most recent room re-do, Josh’s room. When I last wrote about it, it looked like this.

Josh's Room After

All I’ve gotten done in there is hanging new curtains. I ordered them from IKEA when I was actually working on the room, so I have had them for a while. The big hold up was my indecision on the curtain rod. I thought a brushed nickel finish might work best in the room, but every other room in the house has matte black curtain rods from World Market. I finally decided to go with the matte black and my local World Market was out of stock. Frugal one that I am, I went ahead and took a rain-check so the shipping charge would be on the store instead of me. I’m not sure that was the brightest move because I had to wait more than two weeks for the curtain rod to show up at the store. Groan.

Anyway, I finally have the curtains up.

Josh's curtains

See, how much I’m still in the February Funk? I didn’t even bother making Josh’s bed before I took the picture. Anyway . . .

I picked white curtains over a pattern because we plan to paint stripes on the blue wall and I didn’t want it to get too busy in there. The stripes aren’t done yet because Josh and I couldn’t agree on a pattern and then I thought we were going to start on the living room and I lost interest in struggling with stripes. I’ve also considered adding a border to the plain curtains, but I’m not sure on that either.

Ugh! I normally don’t like to write rambling posts like this, but I wanted to show how sometimes I just don’t get anything done around here. Sometimes I’m not in the mood for a project or Jeromy isn’t around much to help me on a big project. Here’s hoping the February Funk ends soon, we are after all well into March.

2 thoughts on “February Funk

  1. I think it’s always my job to remind you how much you have done!! Your ceilings have come a long way, right? And your office and now Josh’s room are looking up! As well as the laundry room, hallway and your backyard!! Come on, you’ve accomplished so much!! You’ve got to keep up the good work!! So, shake the winter out of your boots and get going!! Ok, maybe pep talks aren’t my thing but I’m sure you’ll get back in the groove before you know it! As always I’ll look forward to seeing what you do!

    • Oh, I’m sure I’ll get back in the groove soon. Hopefully Jeromy will be in the mood to get our living room started. We’re so close to getting these ceiling projects done. I’m looking forward to funner projects after that!

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