Our Dirty Not-So-Little Secret

We have a dirty not-so-little secret. Our living room is gross. There I’ve said it. I’ve finally come clean. We’ve been in this home nearly two years and in an effort to rid our house of popcorn ceilings, we’ve worked on every room except the two largest, the master bedroom and the living room. Both rooms have vaulted ceilings, so I think we’ve saved the hardest for last. The master bedroom will have it’s turn, but the living room is next because we spend the most waking hours in there and it’s absolutely awful.

Living Room

There you see the yellow walls, popcorn ceiling, ugly ceiling fan and old carpet in all their glory. The carpet won’t be going anywhere yet, but the yellow, popcorn texture and ceiling fan will soon be gone, Gone, GONE!

There are a few spots that really need fixing like all these stinkin’ cracks.

Crackin' Up

Yup, we have staples in our wall, leftovers from when we hung plastic while we were working on the kitchen. That is when we learned not to staple up plastic and that you should use masking tape. It’s hard to see, but in the top right picture, about two feet of the corner drywall tape is coming away from the wall and below that the corner is cracking. The baseboards and trim around the back door need to be re-caulked and painted too. Groan.

Fireplace and TV

Then there is this mess behind the TV.

Behind the TV

The speaker connection box is hanging off the wall and our “temporary” set-up is going on two years old! We’ll get that cleaned up a bit, hopefully. Jeromy has future plans to get a much larger TV to hang on the wall with a new entertainment console too. For now we’re just working on the walls and ceiling.

Ceiling Damage

There is a nice patch from when Jeromy was running speaker wire a few years ago. Don’t mind my paint samples. The bottom color is for the walls and the darker top color is going to be the ceiling. I’m going out on a limb here, but I really want to do something different to this ceiling.

For a long while I really, really wanted to do a beautiful tongue and groove ceiling with rustic beams.

Wouldn’t that be fantastic! I convinced Jeromy that it would look good and then I researched how much it would cost. A pre-finished Armstrong ceiling system and faux beams would cost around $2,000. I thought that was ridiculous. I’d rather spend that on doing the floors. I ruled out trying to figure out a more budget friendly option simply because we don’t have the tools or the skills to take on such a task. I’ve wimped out! I’ve gone past feeling bad about it and moved on to another idea.

I’m good with paint. We’ve already painted the ceiling the same color as the walls in several rooms. I really like how that looks, but now I’m getting a bit bored with it. The living room just needs something different, so I’ve decided to go darker with the ceiling. I’ve seen a few pictures that have confirmed this is a great idea.

Or this room done by Melissa at The Inspired Room. Love her style and her house is fantastic!

I’m going to give it a go! If I fail, I’ll only have to get up on that extension ladder once more. I’ll see you back here in a couple of weeks with the results!

4 thoughts on “Our Dirty Not-So-Little Secret

  1. Wow, I think that is a great solution! I’m bummed for you that you couldn’t find a more affordable solution for your tongue and groove beam look. $2000 is better spent on floors – I agree! I think this is a great alternative though! Can’t wait to see how it turns out!

    • Thanks, MC! If we had carpentry tools and experience, we probably could have found a less expensive tongue and groove option. Also, Jeromy didn’t seem too excited about that project and it isn’t something I can do by myself. Maybe after we put in wood floors, we’ll feel like we can do the ceiling. But this could all be years off!

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