Mattress on the Edge

Here is my finished mattress edged cushion.  bench1

I’m always amazed at how the covered buttons instantly dress things up.  bench3

I think the thread I was suppose to use for the mattress edge was a nylon thread.  Also, even though I was fairly happy with the tufting I realized after the fact that I could have achieved a deeper tuft if I had drilled holes in the cushion foam itself.  bench4

Another thing I noticed a few days after using the new cushion was that I need to add some sort of ties to it to secure it to the bench.  It shifts around a bit with two kids sitting on top!  Also maybe I would even skip the covered buttons altogether as one has already popped off!

For the most part I am happy with the outcome.  Then bench is definitely a better height with the cushion and a more comfortable place to sit.  Now at some point I’ve got to start thinking about making a cushion for that other bench! But for now I think I’m done!

2 thoughts on “Mattress on the Edge

  1. I think it looks great, Mary Claire! How did you do the buttons? It would look good without buttons too, if you decide to do that. The cushions I have that are like what you made don’t have buttons, just a thread to create the tuft. It’s great you did this project because it’s hard to find cushions that are just right. Was it a very pricey project to do? Sometimes I’m surprised how expensive foam and pillow forms are.

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