Decor Report: How To Dress Shelves

This week I finally got around to a little project I have been planning for months! Way back when, we started fixing up our office but left some things undone. I’m so excited to share some progress that involves something other than a popcorn ceiling and paint. Yahoo! I can’t wait. Here we go.

Here is what part of our office looked like just after we worked on the room.

shelf wall before

Not that great, but you should have seen the original Before! I knew I didn’t want it to stay like this, but the fixes involved some shopping and sewing. I did the shopping before Thanksgiving, but the holidays and a few other room projects got in my way until this week.

Now the shelves look like this.

shelf wall afterI think it’s a nice improvement. Don’t mind that upper left hand corner. It is usually hidden behind an open door (I like to hide Ugly in corners). I found the baskets at TJ Maxx. I loved the circle handles and I hid some things up there in those baskets. I wonder when my husband will miss some of his computer gear? I’m sorry to say I’ve pretty much killed the ivy. It turns out it likes more light than it can get in this room. Now there is one last strand of it holding on for dear life in another room.  I also pulled everything forward on the shelves so they’d be closer to the front edge, like they would be on a regular 11″ or 12″ shelf (these shelves are 18″ deep). Then, I made three fabric panels and secured them to the shelves with Velcro.


That is the part that finally got done this week and it turned out just like a pictured. Woot! The other part of the Velcro is stuck to the inside lip of the shelves. I don’t plan on actually pulling the panels off the shelf very often. Hopefully we can just lift the panel to easily access what is behind it since the panels are only secured at the top. There isn’t anything on the bottom shelf that we use regularly, so I think this scheme to hide the unsightly stuff will work just fine for us.


I think it’s funny that I stumbled upon a circle motif for the room. That was totally subconscious/accidental. Maybe I’ll carry it over to some small round mirrors for another wall? I can’t remember which I purchased first, but I was enamored with the fabric because I’ve always liked that pattern and the color was absolutely perfect for the shelves. I wanted something that would blend in and the charcoal color does the trick. I also like how basket color works with the magazine file boxes.

The most time consuming part of making the panels was lining up the pattern just so. I wanted it to look the same on each shelf. If you want to do a little project like this, it would be easier with a solid fabric.

So, that was my little trick for dressing up my inexpensive office shelves. What clever disguises do you use in your house?

3 thoughts on “Decor Report: How To Dress Shelves

  1. It looks great Jennifer! I know it must be nice to finally put down the paint brush and get to sewing. The shelves look great. I like the hide factor! That is what I like to do with stuff that doesn’t really have a place anywhere. Those panels are perfect!

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