On My Mind…

Have you ever noticed that you see something new once and then suddenly you see it again and again?  That happens to me a lot.  Then it gets in my head and that seems to make seeing it more frequent.  Take for example this post.

Once I saw this post I then saw this. IMG_1472

and then I’ve been seeing these for a while but suddenly I was seeing more of them.

HGTV Magazine

HGTV Magazine

Suddenly I find myself wanting an upholstered coffee table.  But I like the coffee table I have so I was wondering if there was some way to upholster something light like foam board.  Then I could have a temporarily upholstered coffee table so that it could just sit on top when I wanted it to and then take it off when I didn’t want it.  Hmmm….

3 thoughts on “On My Mind…

  1. That happens to me all the time. Since I painted that blue wall in Josh’s room, I notice that color everywhere, even in fashion. Royal and cobalt blue seem to be really hot right now. I LOVE ottomans or upholstered coffee tables. We don’t even have a coffee table in our living room. We have an ottoman that seems to move around a lot. This works for us because our family room is a very active place since we don’t have a separate formal living room or rec room. I really like the tufted version, but that would be a serious crumb catcher in our house!

  2. I love the idea of temporary. We had an upholstered ottoman (which I think are fabulous) but soon got tired of not being able to set our drinks on it, or decorate it the way I wanted. I know I could’ve used a large tray, but things still would’ve been bumped around cuz everyone liked to sit on it. We recently went back to a coffee table, and it makes me happy. So anyway, what I’m saying is temporary would give you the ability to see if you like it, or change it up at your whim. I like the idea!

    • Yeah with temporary it’s seems you would get the best of both options. I wish more furniture came with these type of flexible options.

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