Blah to Bold: A Laundry Room Gets Fresh

Another popcorn ceiling bit the dust this week. It only took two days because it was our very small laundry room, which used to look like this.

laundry room before

I didn’t even clean the room to take that picture. Ick. I really hated this room and since it’s so small it hardly seemed worth the effort. But, even when I’m not doing laundry, I pass through the room every day since the door straight ahead leads to the garage. This little strip of real estate had really taken a beating over the years. The base boards and trim around the doors were in especially bad shape and who knows the last time we cleaned underneath or behind the washer and dryer. It was gross and guess what I found? A sock, of course!

Here is what the room looks like now.

laundry room after

What a difference my favorite happy color makes! I love this color green, Melange Green from Sherwin Williams, and this room was my last chance to use it in our house. So, like every other room so far, I scraped the popcorn ceiling, painted the ceiling, trim and walls. We didn’t bother changing the light fixture because every light fixture I liked was in the $150 price range and I just didn’t feel like spending that on a room I don’t hang out in. I painted the ceiling with the same paint as the walls. Even though it is a satin finish, the glossier finish doesn’t bother me in a room that doesn’t get any natural light. I switched out the cabinet hardware for oil rubbed bronze and picked up the rug at Target a few months ago.

I wouldn’t say this room is done because I’d still like to switch out the door handle and dead bolt for oil rubbed bronze and I’d like to add a little shelf to the gap between the wall and washer, right next to the garage door. It will be used as shoe storage so I don’t trip over a certain someone’s shoes anymore. That is about all I plan to do with the room. If I can keep it clean, I’ll be pleased with it for years to come.

What big changes have you made lately with something as simple as a gallon of paint? Do you like bold colors in little rooms? Have you ever painted the ceiling the same color as the walls?

3 thoughts on “Blah to Bold: A Laundry Room Gets Fresh

  1. Love the new color!! You got this done quickly!! How do you like having the ceiling the same as the walls? Have you done that before? I’m always confused about the rules of painting your ceiling – the when to do it when not to do it. But I guess it’s really just up to you to decide, right?

    • The simple answer is I don’t think there are any rules. I can’t say that I’ve followed any rule in our house.

      So far, we’ve done the same color on the ceiling in the bathrooms and the laundry room (even the same finish, satin). I also did the same ceiling and wall color in the main open area of our house, but in that area we did flat finish on the ceiling and eggshell on the walls. I definitely wouldn’t use anything other than flat paint on the ceiling in a room that gets light from the outside. I DO NOT like glare coming off my ceiling!

      In Josh’s room I used a lighter shade of the wall color for the ceiling, but only because I already had the paint from a previous mistake at the paint store. If I didn’t already have it, I probably would have used the same color as the neutral walls. When we do the living room, I’m actually flirting with the idea of doing the ceiling a shade darker than the walls. I think the room can handle it since the wall color is the lightest on the paint swatch, the ceiling is vaulted and the room gets plenty of light.

      Wow! What an answer. Seems I could do a post on choosing paint colors for ceilings.

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