The Wonders of Wall Tape

This year my family hosted a New Year’s Eve party.  When planning for this party I decided I wanted a tray for the most important item of the party – champagne glasses.  I had a blue tray with white dots that would work but it didn’t go with the rest of the party colors.

Earlier when I was picking up a few party supplies I stumbled across a new to me product.  I thought I was picking up glittered duct tape when in fact it was something called wall tape.  I had never heard of this before.  It turns out wall tape is like duct tape in that you can stick it to things but unlike duct tape wall tape can be peeled right off!  Yes, amazing!  And fun!

I decided to use this on my tray.  This way it could be glittered for the party but when I was done with it the tray could go back to it’s normal blue and white dotted self.  This stuff worked great and was really easy to use.

glitter tray 2

I affixed the tape in strips along the length of the tray.  Then I trim the excess.  Next I used double sided tape to patch the areas where the tray was curved and the tape didn’t adhere as well.  Then I was all ready to place my champagne glasses on top for a festive effect.

I could see lots of uses for this product.  Now I’m off to see what other colors they offer!

2 thoughts on “The Wonders of Wall Tape

  1. Mary Claire, that stuff looks cool! Where did you find it? I think it is a great idea to temporarily upgrade something to use for special occasions and holidays. Who needs to store a bunch of décor when you can customize just a few things you can use a lot. Great idea!

  2. Hobby Lobby!! I was looking for something sparkly and this was all I could find. At first I was disappointed until I discovered its great potential!

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