Christmas Tabletop

Gee, we’ve gotten halfway through December and this is my first holiday related post. Slacker!

We’re hosting friends for dinner on Christmas Eve this year. Being the Type A personality I am, I’ve done a rehearsal decorating job before the big day. I suppose I could leave the table like this all month, but our little beagle-mix likes to get on the table. He’d chew on everything, for sure. When our friends come over for dinner, the table will look a little something like this.

Christmas table I like the mix of rustic with sparkly and shiny pieces. I’m realizing that besides being a color nut, I’m trying to experiment more with mixing of textures and finishes. We’re very casual people. We don’t have fine china, silver, or crystal glasses, although I do haul out my crystal candlesticks for special occasions. I think this low-key décor suits our house and our personalities.

Pine Cone and Ornament

I did try to glam up the pinecones a bit. I gave them a very light spray of white spray paint and followed that with some gold spray paint, trying just to get the tips of the pinecones. It probably would have turned out better if I had rolled the pinecone in a tray of gold paint, but that seemed like too much effort for this little project. I even took a small cut of the burlap ribbon and tried to spray paint it gold. I found that gold didn’t add much to it since it is nearly the same tone already, so I chose to leave the burlap plain. I also spray painted some spiral branches I already had on hand. I really like how that turned out.


The only new purchase I made for the dining table is this elegantly simple tablecloth I found at Target for less than $12. I like the strands of gold and silver running through it, which coordinate nicely with our silverware and the gold and silver I used in the decorations. The Christmas ornaments coordinate with the green and blue color scheme we use throughout our house.

If I could add anything to the mix, it would be pretty napkin rings so I can do something nice with napkins at each place setting. When I set the table, I did bother to put plates out, but that isn’t how we serve dinner. We always do buffet style. I guess we all can grab our plates from the table when we set our drinks down to get food! Yup, that is how we’ll do it.

How do you like to decorate your dining table for Christmas? Do you go all Downton Abbey, or are you casual buffet style like us?

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I'm an interior designer at my core and a big fan of simple pleasures and Mother Nature. Originally from Iowa, I've lived up and down the East Coast, plus Alaska and Germany (thanks to my husband, who must have nomadic blood in his veins). Currently I'm a Yankee in South Carolina, trying to keep up with my son and constantly adjusting to life in the South.

One thought on “Christmas Tabletop

  1. I love your tablescape. I love an elegantly set table. Have you ever seen the Gilmore Girls when they have their weekly dinners with the mom/grandmother? I love how their table is set. It is so beautiful. I would love to sit down at a table like that on a weekly basis. But more often in my life that is the exception than the norm of course. But I have to say I do love a beautfully set table – candles and all!

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