Remember Wren Field Trip: Part 2 -The Exploratorium on Pier 15

One of the highlights of our trip to San Jose was getting to visit San Francisco.  While we were there we went to visit the Exploratorium on Pier 15.  There was lots to see and do for both children and adults alike.


All of these photos come from the Tinkering Exploratorium section of the museum because it was my favorite part.  On the top right you see the wall they made listing the materials they used to make each block.  Look, they even pulled out the bedazzler!  So, how do you like the coat hanger chandelier?  I think I would like it better if they had taken out the hooks from the hangers, but then you wouldn’t be able to tell what it was made of and that is half the fun.  In the bottom right photo is a display that was in the works.  They had made a sewn circuit with metallic thread.  Is it science or is it art?  Hmm…


In the photo on the left are scenes from around San Francisco made entirely out of toothpicks.  It took 37 years to make!  It is made like one of those Mouse Trap games where the marble has to go through all those obstacles.  Except this one was made for a larger rubber ball.  You can see the ball in the top right photo.  It actually worked!

I loved peeking into the Tinkering workshop.  This looks like a place I would love to work.  How fun would it be to come up with ideas for things to make all day?  I’m sure this actual job requires an engineering degree, but I can dream!

So that is my short and sweet tour of the Exploratorium in San Francisco.  Anybody else a fan of children’s museum’s?  Have a favorite one?

One thought on “Remember Wren Field Trip: Part 2 -The Exploratorium on Pier 15

  1. Gosh, I can’t think of a favorite children’s museum. I guess we always make Josh go to boring grown-up museums. That hanger chandelier really makes me think of the clothespin pendant that YHL made. I would not have the patience for the toothpick sculpture. No way!

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