Souvenir Savvy

A few weeks ago I wrote a post about how I shop at the same stores over and over again for home décor items. In The House IKEA and Target Built, I wondered if my style had gotten a little stale, or a little too common. I promised I would show you how I introduce unique pieces into my home.

Obviously you can hand craft items you’ve seen on Pinterest or purchase one-of-a-kind pieces you like on Etsy. I love both of those ideas, but I think my favorite source for unique items is travelling. You get to have a new experience and be reminded of your travels when you see your souvenir in your home. We were lucky to live in Germany for two and a half years. During our time there we gathered some wonderful memories. This cuckoo clock reminds us of the Black Forest.

Black Forest Cuckoo Clock

I’ll admit I wasn’t too excited about getting this cuckoo clock because it isn’t really my style, but now I realize it totally fits in our home. It represents our time in Germany, which is so important to who we are as a family.

We also picked up this Santa smoker. Does anyone travel to Germany and not purchase some sort of Christmas decoration?

German Smoking SantaWhen we lived in Germany, it was so easy to travel to nearby countries. I picked up this tea light holder at a market in Brugges, Belgium. I’m not sure if frogs are very Belgian, but I think of Belgium when I see my green friend.

Belgian Frog

He’s so cute and perfect for our bookshelf.

We walked right into this souvenir on the streets of Paris. I wrote all about that experience in this post.

Paris ProfileI know I’m lucky to have had this international travel experience and not everyone gets to travel so far.  However, I think it is possible to collect some really awesome souvenirs here in the U.S. My husband travels a lot for work and he brought this home for me from Arizona.

Arizona urn

It doesn’t remind me of any travels since it isn’t from a family vacation, but it is a unique piece in our house and I think it shows that our country has lots of art and culture we can enjoy.

One of my favorite ways to remember our travels is by framing some of the scenic photos we’ve taken. My husband took these photos in Hawaii.

Ta dah!

Photos are probably the least expensive souvenir there is. It is fun to try some artsy pictures instead of a straightforward scenic shot.

When we travelled to New York City, I picked up these magnets at a Metropolitan Museum of Art gift shop.

NYC magnets

The patterns are William Morris designs, so they mean a little extra to the interior designer in me. I enjoy museums and I haven’t skipped many museum gift shops even though I don’t always make a purchase.

So, if you are looking to add some unique personality to your home, the next time you go on vacation think about a souvenir you can add to your décor. You’ll cherish the memories your souvenir represents and you’ll be reminded every day.

What is your favorite souvenir? Do you get to enjoy it every day?

One thought on “Souvenir Savvy

  1. I love this post! I totally agree that souvenirs are a great way to personalize your space and also a great way to remember all the fun you had on that awesome trip you took. Man, sometimes don’t you miss all the cool traveling we could do in Germany? I’m so thankful for all my memories though! And, I’m glad I bought a few souvenirs too!! I was just looking at my gluwein mugs and fondly remembering the chilly nights at the Christmas Markets. Glad I hung on to those too!

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