Remember Wren Field Trip: San Jose Tour of Homes Thanksgiving Style

This Thanksgiving I got to travel to San Jose, California.  During my visit I saw several homes that I wanted to share with you.  The two main types of homes that I saw in this part of San Jose were both Victorian and Craftsman style homes.  This is a great place to live if you love nice weather.  This ideal climate means you have flowers and fruit bearing trees in bloom and bearing fruit year-round.  Take a look.SJ1Several of these photos look like they could be the front of a Thanksgiving greeting card.

sj2sj5Isn’t this walkway area charming?


sj4Here is some of that fruit that I was talking about.


Here we had the neighborhood dog checking us out.  So what do you think? Do you think it is worth finding the way?

2 thoughts on “Remember Wren Field Trip: San Jose Tour of Homes Thanksgiving Style

  1. I love the first house, but the best thing is the kids in the pictures! Do you have family in San Jose? Jeromy wants to move out west and he thinks the bay area would be awesome. I’m worried it is too expensive, but I always think that.

  2. Yes, we went to visit my brother-in-law and yes it is expensive!

    It is a nice area where he lived but to get around to other towns the traffic is pretty ridiculous and there’s smog:(.

    I guess you have to take the good with the bad.

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