This Little Light of Mine

I have been admiring DIY light fixtures for a while.  Locally, a few of my favorite restaurants have interesting light fixtures made from various re-purposed materials like metal collanders and different metal cast offs.  When I saw this basket in Tuesday Morning the other day I thought that it would be just what I needed to re-create this look on my own. IMG_1064I just needed the right drill bit to make this possible.  That is it in the above photo on my table that has been exposed to one project too many!  The bit I needed was a 1 and a half inch hole saw.  It worked great once I realized I needed to change the setting on my drill!  Unfortunately, that was after a second trip to the hardward store and purchasing another drill bit that I didn’t actually end up needing!

I think this basket stood out to me as the right choice because of its shape.  It has the same shape as the light fixture in the room adjacent to where this one would go.  I thought they would compliment each other.

light fixture1

Here it is all finished along with the other light fixture I mentioned.  I also used one of those “fancy” vintage inspired light bulbs that is made for use in light fixtures with exposed bulbs.  I say “fancy” because of the price tag.  It was a small splurge to complete the look I wanted for my light.  I love the soft light it gives off.

Another thing I learned with this project was how to add a switch to the light cord to make turning the light on and off much easier.  Now that I know how simple it is to do I think I will be changing out several other lamps around my house.

light fixture 2

I am really excited about my new light fixture.  It is a nice upgrade from the floor lamp that I had in its place.

So, what  have you guys been making lately?

2 thoughts on “This Little Light of Mine

  1. I love, love, love this project Mary Claire! Your timing is amazing because I have recently been ceiling fan shopping and glanced at all the kits for DIY fixtures and decided this is a project I’d like to try in the future. I’m thinking of a hanging a DIY pendant in our guest bedroom in the future! I love the basket you picked, mostly because I really have a thing for baskets. I just love projects like this!

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