Well I wanted to share the progress I’m making on my husband’s quilt.  The pattern I am using is Elizabeth Hartman’s New Wave quilt pattern.  So far so good. I have four of the panels that I had already pieced a long time ago sewn together.  I have one more panel already pieced but I think I need to piece at least two or three more panels and then sew them all together.  I was really hoping to get this done by Christmas, but I’m not sure that is going to happen! quilt1

I think due to the many stops and starts on this project my seam allowances have been much less accurate than they should be but I really feel at this point instead of striving for perfection I’d just like to get it finished!!  Plus, on the other quilts I’ve made, I’ve found it’s actually the little imperfections that I find myself enjoying the most after the project is all said and done.  They make the finished project unique to me and tells a little story -even if the story is “I’ve started and stopped this project so many times, I can’t turn back now!”quilt2

Once I get the quilt top all pieced together then I will make the “quilt sandwich”.  This means I will layer the quilt top, batting and backing.  Then I have to decide how I want to quilt this one.  I have this book by Angela Waters.  I’m hoping she can point me in the right direction.

So are you working on any Christmas projects?  Are you feeling the pressure to just get it done?

One thought on “Progress

  1. Looks good Mary Claire! I can’t wait to see the finished product. I’m not planning on making any gifts for Christmas this year, so I’m not in a rush to get anything done. But, I was recently thinking I should pull out my table linens and see how I’ll decorate my dining table for Christmas dinner. I might have to make something for that. I’ll have to get on it now that you’ve reminded me. Thanks!

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