Whittle Me This

Everyone has a creative side.  No matter how much you use it it tends to come out in one form or another.  As humans we have a need to create things.  We come hard wired to create.

Exhibit A.


My husband whittled this bear out of soap.  This was an activity at my son’s recent cub scout meeting.  They told them they would be whittling and so my husband went on the hunt for his knife so he could take it with him to the meeting.  Fortunately, for everyone involved, they weren’t actually going to be whittling with knives out of wood. No, they were whittling out of soap with wooden knives that the den leader had cleverly made out of paint can stirrers.


My husband doesn’t often spend time on many creative pursuits.  But he does have this creative side that always catches me off guard.  I had actually forgotten his “fond memories” of whittling a hiking stick, I think, while visiting family in France as a child.  This was an activity he found worthwhile back then.  But I think this particular episode of whittling took a turn for the worse when one of his cousins tried to break his creation that he’d worked so hard on.  Then said creation may have ended up being used as a weapon on the offending cousin….maybe that’s why he hasn’t picked this hobby back up for a while?

So considering his long term whittling hiatus you can imagine my surprise when after the cub scout meeting he handed me this and said  “I found this left over piece of soap on the ground that one of the kids had discarded and I made this”.  I found it comical in such a short amount of time he whittled this very recognizable bear with what appeared to be little effort and here I slave away at half the stuff I do and get so-so results.

And speaking of so-so results here is my latest knitting project.


This is the Ravi Jr. by Carol Fuller.  This is one of those patterns that you really have to pay attention to almost every single line to get this one right so it is slow going so far.  I finally found some buttons for this sweater.  So hopefully I will have that one totally completed soon!

3 thoughts on “Whittle Me This

  1. I think it’s great that Shaun can still surprise you! Jeromy’s creative pursuits aren’t very crafty. He likes brewing beer and he’s good with electrical and plumbing around the house, so at least there’s that.
    I think the sweater will turn out great. You always seem so critical of your knitting, but I think you are very skilled. The patience you have and the effort you put in is way more than what most people do.

    • Thanks, Jennifer. I guess I do sound critical. I think I do that because the time I do put into it doesn’t necessarily equal a better outcome and that frustrates me sometimes I guess.
      I will work in being less critical! 🙂

    • Thanks Jennifer. I think I am a little too critical. I think that’s because I feel that the time I put into it doesn’t necessarily equal a better outcome and that frustrates me sometimes. I need to work on being less critical! 🙂

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