The House IKEA & Target Built

Have you ever looked around your house and noticed you only seem to shop at one or two stores? Have you ever been in a friend’s house and knew precisely where she bought this and that? If you walked in my house, you’d soon realize I’ve spent some time in IKEA and Target. Since I’m a trained designer, I find this a bit embarrassing. I would much rather someone walk into my house and exclaim, “where did you find that?”

If my house actually looked like an IKEA or Target ad, it probably wouldn’t seem so bad, but most of the time my house looks like my son’s room.

IKEA Collage

My son’s bed, desk, and bookshelf all come from IKEA. I also have the ubiquitous IKEA Expidit shelving units. One of them I’ve set up as a bench. You see the popular Hemnes dresser everywhere, probably because it is inexpensive and comes in a variety of colors and finishes. I haven’t customized mine though. I also fell for an affordable clear acrylic and chrome chair when ghost chairs were all the rage. My family has our share of IKEA furniture, but I’m not too worried about continuing that trend in the future. The nearest IKEA to the Charleston area is three hours away in Charlotte.

Then I manage to top it all off with some decorative items from Target. I always browse the end of the aisles for clearance items because, you know, I’m a cheapskate!

Target collage

I think the shower curtain is the only thing in the group that I didn’t buy on clearance. I have even purchased a few lamps at Target. Stylish lamps can be so expensive, so when I see one on sale at Target, it’s very tempting. I’ve had a pair of the clear one in the picture below for ages.

Target & IKEA collage

The mother of pearl items I found at Target and my bed and night stands are from IKEA.

I still like all of these things, but I don’t know, they seem a bit common. I think maybe you know what I’m talking about. If you are at all like me, you shop Target once every week or two, pop in to World Market once a month, and browse TJ Maxx as often as you can. You keep seeing the same stuff, but at least it’s affordable. As I get older, I find I desire a more unique look that better represents our family’s personality. I suppose that is why DIY blogs and Pinterest are so popular. Everyone is looking for affordable uniqueness. Even though I’m not much of a shopper, I’ve come to realize that it’s fun to look a bit further afield for the things I bring into my home. In recent years our family has managed to acquire some decorative souvenirs during our travels that have really helped to create a more curated look. More on that next week.

How do you stop yourself from buying everything at Target or IKEA? Are there other stores that you repeatedly depend on for decorative items? Am I the only one a little bit self-conscious about a “common” look?

4 thoughts on “The House IKEA & Target Built

  1. I know how you feel. We too have many bookshelves and home decor from those same two stores. I think though the items I tend to buy from there are pretty generic in some ways though. Like baskets, book shelves and stuff like that. I try to stay away from the Nate Berkus collection so i don’ t have that same faux turtle shell or other such recognized item hanging on my wall along with everyone else. i guess these two places have their good and bad qualities and it is just about keeping a balance between the two I guess. Plus, I don’t see my self giving up shopping at either of these two places any time soon!

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