Office Work: A Decor Report

Drop the “T” in the Report of the title, like The Colbert Report (my attempt at being clever).

Way back in August, we started working on the office. We did the usual routine of clearing out the room, taking down the light fixture, scraping popcorn off the ceiling, spackling, sanding, cleaning, cleaning, cleaning, painting, putting up a new light fixture and reloading the room. Let me tell you folks, this is just a progress report and this is one underwhelming reveal. Are you ready?

Our office is at the front of the house just off the dining room through double doors. Here is a before picture of the left wall as you walk in through the double doors.

Shelf wall before

I especially love the beer brewing supplies on the top of the shelf. I run a classy joint around here, but at least we’re stocked with beer. And here is the old view while standing in the doorway and looking to the right.

Before with ceiling fan

Don’t mind hubby’s terrible posture. It is due to the totally ergonomically incorrect chair. I didn’t get the lovely ceiling fan in the picture, so I threw in an extra shot for you. This is the type of ceiling fan we have all throughout the house and it is absolutely the last ceiling fan I’d pick in the entire existence of ceiling fans. Anyway . . .

Are you ready for the not so big reveal? Ta dah!

desk view after

Meh, right? Maybe it is underwhelming because we kept the same wall color, Sherwin Williams Raindrop, which I actually have been in total love with from day one. Well, let’s analyze a little more. The popcorn ceiling and ugly ceiling fan are gone. I added a valance for the window. We purchased a new super comfortable mesh chair (on sale at Staples), which my back is so appreciative of. The clear plastic and chrome chair is off to the side now.

More on that new valance. I made it myself, thank you very much.

new valance

It used to be a shower curtain. Yup, that is right! I bought a shower curtain for $19.99 at Target. I think that is a pretty sweet deal for an extra wide 72 inch, piece of fabric two yards long. Bonus points that I only had to sew one hem. I cut the length I needed from the bottom of the shower curtain and the piece was just wide enough that I didn’t have to alter it. I only made a hem big enough to slide the valance onto the curtain rod. Bam! It was a little tricky making sure the rod was hung at the perfect length so the valance wrapped around the corner and made it to the wall. I feel pretty awesome about it and I’m not taking that bad boy down any time soon because I didn’t enjoy hanging it up.

Back to the rest of the room. If you recall, there is a whole lot of ugly going on under that desk and also in the corner to the right.


That corner is different now, but definitely not better. It looked a bit better a few weeks ago, but then hubby’s computer projects exploded all over it. Win some, lose some. At some point there will be a wall to wall desk under the window and the pub table and chairs that used to be in our dining room will make their way out of the house. I’m still working through the plans for that in my head. I think a three-hour drive to the nearest IKEA is in order.

Well, let’s get back to that first view I showed you.

Shelf wall before

Now that wall looks like this.

shelf wall after

Kind of meh again, isn’t it? Well, that is what you get with progress. Sometimes it’s underwhelming. But for the fun of it, let’s talk about what we’ve got going on here. We purchased two more shelves. The frugal Frannie in me totally loves these bookshelves. Do you want to know why? They are actually meant to be garage storage, so they’re deeper than a typical book shelf! The frame is steel with thick particle board shelves. They cost $80 each, so I got a whole wall of shelves for $240! I was really tired of looking at one book shelf that cost that much, so when I had this idea, I thought I was brilliant. If you are even craftier than me, you could spray paint the metal a fun color and/or paint the shelves with a fabulous finish. I was in too big of a hurry to get this room together.

There is also some decent shelf styling like this.

plant styling

That isn’t too bad, right? But, the whole unit has a way to go and I do have ideas.

this and that

Usually, most of the first shelf on the left is hidden behind one of the double doors when it’s open (I tend to hide the ugliest parts of a room in corners that aren’t visible from the first view through a doorway). I’m thinking some large storage baskets across the top would be great for hiding some computer gear. I’ve also got some tricks up my sleeve for hiding the ugly storage on the bottom shelves. Don’t worry, I’ll show you when it’s done.

So that is the underwhelming reveal. I don’t know why I’m so down on this room. When I go over all the little bits and pieces of progress we’ve made in here, I’m quite pleased with it. It is a whole lot more functional than it used to be. I’ll actually sit at the desk now when I wouldn’t for the whole last year.

Have you ever worked on a room and been underwhelmed with the whole, but totally excited about individual parts? I guess that shows there is still a lot of work to be done.

5 thoughts on “Office Work: A Decor Report

  1. I think you’ve done a lot of work! Great shower curtain to valance!! I think your shelf idea is great. It has a lot of visual impact. I can wait to see how it all shapes up!

  2. It’s looking fabulous! Suggestion: Take a favorite fabric or wrapping paper and put it pretty side up against the inside of the clear storage boxes. You can use the same clear box but the fabric/paper will hide what’s inside. If you really have time/energy, decoupage the fabric/paper to the inside so it won’t move at all. Love reading about all your house designs/improvements. Really missing being able to do that over here!

    • Thanks for the suggestion, Christy. I’m glad you still read my blog! I can’t tell you how much I miss having a basement where we can just hide all of the unsightly stuff. The house would be the perfect size for us, if there was a basement. You miss having a house, I miss travelling around Europe. Someday we’ll be done with this house and maybe we’ll have $ to travel.

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