Halloween Placemats 2.0

About 5 years or so ago I bought some basic black and white checked placemats and then added orange and black ribbon to the edges to turn them into the Halloween place mats that I wanted.  Then I used freezer paper to make stencils in Halloween motifs to decorate them.   I stenciled a bat, a cat, and two pumpkins on four different placemats.  I never really liked it because the paint made it look to “crafty” if you know what I mean.  More like a child’s craft project and less like something from Pottery Barn which is what I was going for back then.  But I used them anyway and I felt they were at least half way there!

At the time I had a baby and a four year old and I really didn’t have the time or patience at that point to go the extra mile and get the applique done.  But my plan was to eventually (when I had a little more free time on my hands) applique over the stencils.  Well that day finally came!  I cut out the same shapes in fabric and turned them into appliques that I then sewed on by hand.

PicMonkey CollageI’m happy to have finally followed through on my plan!  After 5 Halloweens I finally have the placemats that I wanted!!

So, have you ever started a project only to finish it years later? Were you extra happy with the final results due to the long road it took to get there?

One thought on “Halloween Placemats 2.0

  1. Great idea for placemats! I usually finish craft projects quickly, but it takes me forever to start a project. You should see you many magazine pages and Pinterest pins I have for project ideas. Most of these ideas I have had for years, but then it takes me so long to get to the crafty/decorating phase when I spend most of my time painting, painting, painting. Guess that is what makes us good blog partners! You get to do crafts while I’m doing hard labor! Ha!

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