Happy Hallway: A Reveal

I’m always excited when I can share something with you that I consider to be done, done with a capital D-O-N-E because that hardly ever happens in this house. The hallway to our bedrooms looked like this on the day we moved back into our house over a year ago.

Hallway Before

Yellow walls (yup, I picked that color once upon a time), popcorn ceiling, and unattractive ceiling lights weren’t cutting it for Lease Haus 2.0.

Then, hubby put in the unsanctioned attic ladder that I wrote about in this post. We were left with this mess on the hallway ceiling.

Attic access door before

I especially liked dancing around the hanging string every time I walked toward my bedroom.

Weeks later, look what is DONE!

Attic door after

Hooray! Doesn’t it look 100% better? I finally bought trim at Lowes and made myself do all the measurements (a diagram was involved) and made the cuts with a saw and miter box. Jeromy nailed up the trim for me because I was sure I’d drop the hammer on my head.

Now I’m ready to show you what the rest of the hallway looks like.

Hallway after

We have new recessed LED lights, the popcorn ceiling is gone and the ceiling and walls are painted with Sherwin Williams’ Moderne White. I had been wanting the Dash & Albert rug for ages and I finally pulled the trigger. I really, really like it.

For months I’ve been wanting to print out and hang some family photos, so I finally got that little project done. Half of the battle is picking out pictures.

gallery wall

I spray painted all of the frames with a brushed nickel finish. I even spray painted the mats white because they used to be antique white. I’m so pleased to have this little project done. I had three family members pass away due to illness over the last four months and I was feeling very sentimental. It was so important to me to get these family photos where I can see them multiple times a day.

Since some changes seem to move at a glacial pace around here, it is really helpful to look at before and after pictures for a sense of accomplishment.

hallway before and after

It may not look like a big change, but it FEELS like a huge improvement.

We still have that shiny brass hardware. Who knows how long it will be there? I’m flirting with the idea of using oil rubbed bronze spray paint to change the finish. If that works, it could save us a bundle.

Some time soon, we’ll be working on the room at the end of the hall. It is a guest bedroom, but is really used for storage. I promise that when we work on that room, I will give you a proper How-To for removing popcorn ceilings. I think we are finally experts at it.

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