Pumpkins for Me, Pumpkins for You

last pumpkinI first saw these pumpkins in a blog post. At first I thought they were kind of weird as they were made of both fabric and a real pumpkin stem. But after looking at them a few times I began to see their beauty. Then I saw them again in a catalog and I thought they were so pretty but the price tag – crazy! So I wondered if I could find a way to make them myself.

I went to Joann’s and found a velvet like fabric. Instead of the jewel tones like the ones in the catalog I chose this silvery gray and an off white so it would better match my decor.


I started by cutting a circle of the velvet fabric.  The bigger or smaller you make your circle of fabric obviously dictates the size of your finished pumpkin. So if you want a large pumpkin start with a bigger circle and vice versa if you want a small pumpkin.  Next, I did a basting stitch, with a heavy button hole thread, around the edge of the circle. I began gathering the fabric up as I went around by gently pulling on the thread. Once I was almost all the way back around the circle I began to fill the inside of what was now a pouch with fiberfill. Then I gathered it up all the way by pulling the thread tightly and I made a few stitches across the middle where all the stitches were gathered together to secure it.


As I was purchasing real pumpkins in our local pumpkins patch I found several pumpkin stems on the ground. So I gathered up a few for this project. To secure the stem to the pumpkin I hammered a thumb tack into the bottom of the stem. I made a slip knot with the button hole thread and placed it over the thumb tack and then threaded the other end of the thread with a needle.


At this point I did almost what you would do if you were making a button tufted cushion and the stem was your button. I took my needle straight down from the top of the pumpkin all the way through to the bottom and out the bottom. Then I went straight back up to the stem again and out and then back down again and out of the bottom. I made a few stitches in the bottom to secure the thread and tied and trimmed off my thread. Then I went back with some heavy duty glue and placed it around the bottom of the stem where it sits on the fabric just to make it more secure.

I am super excited about the way they turned out!!! I can’t wait to make more!! I think these were 115 dollars for a set of three in the catalog and I made them for under $3 dollars! Have you seen these? Do you like them? Would you make them?

Final pumpkincollage

6 thoughts on “Pumpkins for Me, Pumpkins for You

  1. Awesome, Mary Claire! It is so cool to see an alternative to a real pumpkin that isn’t plastic. I really love how much money you saved by doing it yourself.

  2. Great job, Mary. It looks like a very difficult task, but you made it sound so simple. I like the fact you were able to find real stems.

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