A Pleasing Pattern – Kitchen Update

It occurs to me that I owe y’all a post about the changes we’ve made in our kitchen. I touched on it briefly in this post about what we’ve accomplished in the first year back in our house. Maybe you’d like to hear about the details?

First of all, we finally took down the ugly fluorescent tube lighting. I don’t even have a good picture of it hanging on the ceiling. I guess I hated it so much I didn’t even acknowledge it’s existence! Then, we scraped the popcorn ceiling. Here you can see the bare ceiling plus the yellow walls, green backsplash and brass/ceramic cabinet handles that I disliked so much.

Kitchen Before

We made the ceiling look pretty good and gave it a few coats of Sherwin Williams’ Moderne White. Sound the trumpets! Jeromy installed our new recessed dimmable LED lights! This is the biggest improvement in the kitchen. I’m no longer in the dark! Just a side note, I think my absolute favorite improvements to the house have been when we added light where their previously wasn’t a light fixture.

Ceiling After

Then I had to patch the old light fixture hole. I didn’t do a very good job because now my ceiling has a nasty blemish. I’ll get around to fixing it one day, won’t I?

Ceiling Screw Up

So here is a view of the main wall of cabinets. I replaced the old cabinet hardware with oil rubbed bronze pulls. I painted the walls and backsplash the same color as the ceiling. For the walls I used an eggshell finish and on the backsplash I used semi-gloss. I wanted the backsplash to have an even more durable surface, plus I think the semi-gloss helps reflect light to better show off the pattern of the paintable ceiling tiles I used. You’ll notice in this picture that we haven’t painted the adjacent living room yet. The Moderne White will eventually cover the yellow living room too.

Kitchen After

Here is a better picture of the new hardware, which I love, love, love. You can also see the pattern of the backsplash. I have noticed that I’m really drawn to pattern and texture in areas that I don’t want to use as much color. I also like to contrast high gloss enamel finishes with rustic woods.


This update to our kitchen obviously isn’t a full blown renovation. That just isn’t in the budget right now and probably won’t be for a long while. These updates are improvements that make me like the kitchen well enough until we either sell the house or win the lottery.

So, you can see in the next picture that I’m not changing out the sink. I see no point in doing that until the countertops are replaced, which won’t happen until I get new cabinets (our current cabinets are the lowest quality builder grade and really aren’t worth using with expensive countertops). I do plan on changing out the faucet soon because the finish is wearing off and getting rusty under the knobs.

Kitchen sink

I usually have an ugly dish rag hanging from the faucet plus a bottle of hand lotion and a bottle of dishsoap hanging out around the sink. I cleaned up for you!

I just recently relocated the two ceramic jars in the picture below from my mantel. I quite like them in the kitchen since they add some nice color and I like how the pattern in the ceramic brings some texture to this side of the kitchen.


I think the rustic wood dish pairs nicely with the colorful ceramic.

In the following picture you’ll see where I hide my kitchen notes and papers. I bought this tray at Target years ago. It gives the area by the microwave some pattern and texture and the color coordinates nicely with the cabinet hardware.

Cut-out tray

The area above our fridge always seems like a dark void. I don’t suppose it would make much difference if there was actually a cabinet up there. I wouldn’t be able to reach it anyway. So, here we go with another of my favorite combos, pottery or ceramics plus a basket. I like baskets even if they’re empty.


So, how do you feel about magnets on the fridge? Our family is obviously pro-magnet. In my younger, perfectionist days I wouldn’t have stood for this display, but now in my mellow maturity, I quite like it. The collection is a project of my husband and son, so it has to stay. The six magnets on the left door are my contribution from a MOMA gift shop in NYC.

The next picture is my attempt at staging the kitchen, like a Better Homes and Gardens spread.


Well, I tried. At least I got a good cup of coffee and a sticky bun (or 2 or 3) out of it.

That is my kitchen. I like it a heck of a lot better than I did before. It isn’t grand or gourmet, but I’m happy with it. How do you incorporate pattern and texture into your home? Have you made any updates lately that saved you from a budget busting renovation?

3 thoughts on “A Pleasing Pattern – Kitchen Update

    • Thank you! I checked out your blog and it’s great! We tend to move a lot, so I change from homeowner to renter frequently. I think tips for renters are great for everyone, especially a fickle girl like me who likes change.

  1. Your kitchen looks great. It’s amazing how different it looks with the white. I really like the back splash – like you said it gives it a nice texture. It looks like awhile new place. Little changes if impact!

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