A Honey Do & A Honey Don’t

Everyone has heard of Honey Do lists, but has it ever occurred to you that before you leave your husband home alone for a couple of days, you should make a Honey Don’t list?

I’ll start with the Honey Do. We finally installed a rain water collection barrel a while back and shortly after that we acquired a compost tumbler. Both purchases were made by my hubby on Woot. First, he built a paver base for the barrel. When the compost tumbler arrived we thought for a while where to put it and I suggested making the paver base larger and setting it next to the rain barrel. So, honey did a good job on this project. Even Buster approves.

Buster Composts Rain Water

You might think it’s wrong to place a composter next to the house with the possibility of fumes and all. There aren’t any windows near this set up and I haven’t noticed any stinky smells from the composter at all. If you do it right, it shouldn’t smell. We’re still on our first batch and it takes a while to get the brown versus green mix right. We can’t wait to use our compost.

The rain barrel is great too. The nozzle drips a bit, but since it’s collected water, it doesn’t bother us too much. When the rain barrel is full the water pressure is pretty good so the watering can fills up fairly quickly. It takes a lot longer when the barrel is almost empty.

Here is my “Honey Don’t” story. Josh and I went out-of-town to visit friends for a couple of days and while we were gone, Jeromy came home from Lowes with one of those drop-down attic ladders. I didn’t know he was thinking of getting one. It’s almost like he walked by it in the store and thought to himself, “damn, that would be awesome.” Never mind the fact that our attic is not constructed for walking around. There is just some plywood laying across the joists so we can throw some Christmas décor and empty boxes up there. The $150 ladder sat around the house for a few weeks until Jeromy purchased a reciprocating saw that was supposed to work with the rechargeable batteries we already have. Guess what, it didn’t! So $200 in tools and batteries later, the monstrosity of an attic door was put in my newly free-of-popcorn and freshly painted hall ceiling.


As of the writing of this post, it still looks like this, more than a month after it was installed. I especially like the string hanging down that bugs me every time I walk to the master bedroom (actually I’ve learned to dodge it).


So, this project was sweet hubby’s idea and he’s waiting on ME to tell him out to frame it up. I don’t start sewing curtains and then ask him to finish hemming, do I? Nope!


Once this is framed up, I’ll have to touch up paint a few spots on the ceiling and walls. I’m thinking of painting the door and the trim with the same flat ceiling paint. My theory is it won’t stand out as much if it is all the same color and finish. We’ll see how many more weeks it takes to get this Honey Don’t done.

Has your significant other ever started any unsanctioned home improvement projects? Did you blow a gasket or just go with the flow?

I apologize if anyone reading this post is actually interested in knowing how to install a paver base or attic ladder. When my hubby works on a project, I usually get very little warning and I find it’s best to stay out of his way. That is why I don’t have any In Progress pictures.

4 thoughts on “A Honey Do & A Honey Don’t

  1. Even though its not what you wanted it’s still cool that Jeromy can just whip this up on his own!! I like all the other improvements too!! A rain barrel is a great idea!

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    • Wow!! You’ve done a lot of work. I’m amazed with your work with the trim around the attic door. That doesn’t look like it would have been easy! Great job! It looks beautiful!!

      • Thanks, MC! The attic door wasn’t hard as I thought, but it took so long to get around to it. I could have written in more detail about how we did it, but I didn’t think it was that interesting.

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