Little Cotton Cocoon

This summer when it was 102 degrees I thought it would be a great time to knit a sweater! Don’t ask me why?! I guess most people like to knit when they are all cozy by the fire when it is cold – like in January. Unfortunately that’s just not practical for me and also I’m a slow knitter. You see this is my thinking. If I, a slow knitter, am knitting in January then my sweater won’t be ready until June and by that time I’m ready for a bathing suit and some shorts! So, unless I’m knitting a bikini, knitting in winter doesn’t make much sense for me. Hence I’m knitting in July.

Now if it is just gloves or socks sure I can whip those out in the winter time. Although truthfully it may take me a few winters to get around to knitting them but I’ll get them done. Somehow sweater knitting makes most sense in the heat of the summer.

Anyway, below is the sweater I have been working on. In Threes: A Baby Cardigan by Kelly Herdrich. My thinking was that it would be cool to knit something for my daughter who was going off to kindergarten. I thought instead of all the tears and hand wringing I could just knit all those “sending your child off to kindergarten” thoughts into this sweater and give it to her to wear and she’d have all my love and thoughts wrapped around her like a like a little cotton cocoon! And yeah, that didn’t really happen. I mean I guess my thoughts are all wrapped up in there but she still isn’t wearing it as it is still on the needles and 90 degress.

However when it cools down here – liike in December she can wear it to school like a little cocoon at that time. Although come to think of it even though I knit a swatch and checked my gauge the sweater looks like it will fit her better maybe next Christmas or the Christmas after that? Then she can have my thoughts all wrapped around her like a little …ok you get the idea. The realities of knitting. It never quite turns out like you think .. Anyway I still enjoy it when it turns out looking like the photo if even you have to squint your eyes and cock your head. ‘Cause knitting is a lot of work people and dang it it better turn out or else!

I really don’t like photographing things I am knitting before they are done because while they are in progress things look a little mushy and swishy but once it is done and blocked I think it will look better- fingers crossed!

By the way this is a great knitting pattern. Very easy and fairly quick – especially for a baby or toddler. It is knit in one piece which I love!

One thought on “Little Cotton Cocoon

  1. I think you dropped a stitch. Just kidding! I have not knit a thing since we moved back to SC. I think you are right though. If you want something ready for the colder weather, you probably should knit in the summer. BTW, I could use a new sweater. ; )

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