Hey, hey its almost fall! Things are starting to cool down (except where I live) and the kids are back in school. It’s time to get back into the swing of things with this blog!

This summer while on vacation I got to visit Anthropologie.  I thought I would share some of the inspiration I found there.

anthro collage

First up, is this shelf display. I thought it was really different and very effective on the sales floor as you can see its contents from all sides. I also thought that something like this could be interesting in your home. Maybe in the middle of a library area like I have in my home. That way you could display pretty books while having them readily accessible? Most of our home decor is meant to be seen from only one or two sides and what I find fun about this piece is that it would bring in another dimension. Another detail from the store that I admired was the brick floor. I thought this was really pretty. I really like that herringbone pattern. It’s maybe not the best floor for every room in your house but in an outdoor room or even in a living area it could be very pretty.

anthro collag2

Starting clockwise from the top right is my favorite item. I love the colorful fabric of the chair. But making it even more special is the quilting. I thought this could be a unique way to cover a simple chair. What a great way to show case your stitching. This would be something that would be really simple to do but really gives this plain chair a lot of character. Next up are the soap dishes. This is something simple you could make your self with the right paint. You could personalize it with an initial or a favorite simple quote and then finish it off with a protective glaze. This would also make a sweet gift.

Finally, there are the baskets on the wall. For some reason I like the idea of if you don’t know exactly what to do with it – hang it on the wall. Ok, I don’t want to go all Cracker Barrel on you but I like these baskets on the wall. I think they offer a unique storage and/or display opportunity.

099This arbor was set up in the middle of the store. I thought the paper flowers were really beautiful. I think this was an interesting display but for this one I don’t think I’d want it in my living room. Maybe the real thing in my back yard?! For sure.

So these were some of the fun ideas I got from my visit to Anthropologie. Have you guys seen any cool store displays lately that got you inspired?

2 thoughts on “Anthropologie

  1. Glad you didn’t get all Cracker Barrel on me! You crack me up. Isn’t it nice to go in a store you don’t go in frequently? I sometimes forget there are places other than Target to buy home décor. I like the herringbone pattern too. I think it’s also a good alternative for a kitchen backsplash instead of subway tiles straight across.

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