Our dying trees finally were cut down on Monday! Hooray! We’ve been waiting for this day since the end of April. It seems wrong to celebrate cutting down trees, but if you read this post, you’ll understand why they had to come down. Now that it is taken care of we can move on to other outdoor projects, which probably won’t happen until the fall since it has finally gotten South Carolina hot and humid around here. This blogger doesn’t handle heat and humidity well. Anyway, on to the details.

After we received the quote and had an agreement for work signed, I had to apply for a permit with our city. Summerville is a “Tree City USA,” so we had to get approval for each tree we wanted to cut down. The first inspector who came to our house didn’t think there was anything wrong with the tree along the fence, so she didn’t approve it. She sent the “tree committee” out the following week to take a second look. A car full of people invaded my yard one morning and I rushed out to greet them. By the time I got to them they had already approved it. I was prepared to debate the status of the tree, but the problems must have been obvious to them. We finally had approval to remove four trees. The tree removal company counted my trees as three, while the city counted the trees as four since one of the trees was a “twin”.

Twin tree

Once the permit was ready the tree removal company put us on their schedule. They didn’t show up until 4pm on the day scheduled and the work crew realized our trees were bigger than the estimator noted. Ugh! They weren’t going to have time to start and finish that day. This was followed by a stretch of really wonderful dry weather for about 10 days, any day of which would have been a perfect day for cutting down trees, but no, the company didn’t get us back on the schedule until a rainy week when of course the weather was too bad to come out. Even with a 50% chance of storms, everything finally came together on Monday. The third time was a charm.

Cutting Branches

First the crew cut the branches from the tree, basically stripping the trunk of all the green stuff.


Then they cut the trunk down, three or four feet at a time.

wood chipper

The branches were hauled out to the front of the house where a wood chipper sealed their fate. Of course, I remembered the movie Fargo when I saw this machinery.

Stump Grinder

Then this handy machine grinds the stump to below ground level. If it weren’t for the wood chips and no grass, you’d never know a tree was there.

Even Buster was confused.


Here’s what the backyard looked like before.

Rear View Before


Rear View After

It looks really unbalanced with a big gaping space where the tree used to be. The tree that was in the middle is a sickly looking twig now. Hopefully it will perk up over the next year, or so.

Here is what the tree line looks like from the front of the house.


Front view before


front view after

It looks quite a bit different, but I bet unless my neighbors saw the tree crew at our house, they probably haven’t noticed or maybe they’re wondering what seems different.

Thanks to the tree along the fence line, we have this nice little gap in the fence we need to fix. Like my temporary patch?

Fence patch

Nothing a staple gun and garbage bag can’t fix until Jeromy replaces a few pickets.

Well, that is what has been happening in the backyard. The week before the trees came down we were removing more of the popcorn from the ceilings in the house. I might just have a progress report on the kitchen for you next week.

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