Unique Planters and Thriller Kitty

Recently I’ve had plants on the brain. Probably due to that garden tour. Also I’ve been noticing unique plantars for indoors that have grabbed myatteniton. This one above is the first.

I like the disco ball too but that’s another story. Then I saw this little one. So cute.

So I took a look on ebay to see what I could find. My search quickly came to a screaching halt. Say what?

“Thriller Kitty” anyone? Now, there are things that are dated and then there are these. When was there a time when this would have been cool? When? Times like these make me believe there is a third dimension – filled with scary animal planters.

There were a few planters that saw on Ebay that might work for me but these were not it! So I’m still on the search for something fun. Have you ever been on the search for something and been surprised when the selection turned up a few things you weren’t expecting?

One thought on “Unique Planters and Thriller Kitty

  1. Wow, that last group is too much for me! I do think there is another dimension when it comes to decorating. When I worked as a “design consultant” at a home design center I was surprised when someone wanted to buy wallpaper border decorated with outhouses to put in the entryway of her home. I bet that person would love the kitty planter. I like to use old teapots for flower vases. Maybe something like that or old decorative bowls would work well as planters. I think your inner snark is coming out, Mary Claire!

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