The No Wreath Wreath: ( I’m calling it): A Project Fail

Ok, I think I’ve been putting off writing this post because after I finished this project I was less than excited about it.  I loved the idea of this project but not the execution.  The plan was for Jennifer and I to both come up with a door hanging that was not a wreath.  We wanted it to have a summer theme.

We came up with this idea sometime after I personally had sworn off wreaths.  I read somewhere where some crafty DIYer claimed not to be a wreath person.  I thought you know what?  Me neither.  I am not a fan of the overly fake floral variety.  I like the idea of something more organic and something that fits in with the exterior of your home.  Something that elevates rather than distracts.  I never could quite come up with that formula.  So at hearing this statement I felt that I was ushered into an era of being ok with just forgetting all about wreaths.

But, then came Jennifer’s suggestion for this project and I thought maybe I don’t want nothing but maybe just something different – something new.  A no wreath wreath.  So I jumped on board with this idea and started brainstorming.

And I thought of some pretty unusal things to use on my front door.  I was searching around my home to see what everyday object that I could hang out there in the name of the no wreath wreath.  As I turned these ideas over and over in my mind everything I came up with just seemed too weird.

Finally, I remembered having some frames and shadow boxes in a upstairs closet.  One was a frame meant to hold an object kind of like a shadow box.  It had a spacer in it so that you could frame a three-dimensional object.  It was square so I took it apart and just used the frame.  Then I used some left over burlap and stapled it to the outside edges.  This gave me a framework with which to work.  Then I moved on to embellishing this project.  I think this wreath had three incarnations total.  I’ll spare you the details but I finally settled on something I felt was ok.  Maybe even cute – almost.


I was glad to be done.  I hung it on my door for a few days.  And a few friends said “Did you make that?” and “Oh now I see that’s a k!”  and at this point I was over it! The wind that we almost always seem to have around here in north Texas had its hand in delicately taking it apart here and there so it was officially time to fix it or take it down. So far I opted for take it down.


Honestly I didn’t even fix it for these photos.  Originally the tiny burlap banner spelled out the word “Welcome” as it went across the top but here I just sort of tacked it up.

As you can see, I lost enthusiasm for this project fairly quickly.  I still like the idea of a wreath alternative.  I have to go back to the drawing board and this time I think I need to keep the weather in mind!  How about you? Any ideas for something unique to hang on your door?

2 thoughts on “The No Wreath Wreath: ( I’m calling it): A Project Fail

  1. I think your idea was a good one and it is so hard for me to comment without giving my project away. I’ll just say I obviously agree with you on the no wreath wreath and I don’t care much for fake flowers. Plus, I had problems with execution too. Just like you, mine is no longer hanging on our front door! Still, I enjoyed our little experiment and I’m ready for more Remember Wren challenges.

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