Remember Wren Field Trip: A Hometown Garden Tour

Where do you go when you need some fresh perspective?  Where do you look when you need a new idea?  I think we could all agree that the modern answer to that question could be the same for many – Pinterest.  But sometimes I’m not a big fan. I can’t exactly put my finger on it.  I think it is that pre-packaged feeling of creativity that leaves me searching elsewhere.  Well, this weekend I had the chance to have inspiration strike in my own back yard.  It was Pinterest in real life during my hometown’s tour of gardens.  (Bonus points if you spot the Long Horn).

I wasn’t sure what to expect.  There were only a few stops on the tour, 6 in all,  and we only made it to 4.  However, there were many surprises in store.

garden tour 4

I think I would definitely say that this stop was my favorite.  I guess that means I have a thing for container gardening.  This Prairie style home was built in 1918.  I loved the porches.  I also liked the various vessels that held all the different plants and flowers.   It seemed that the containers were carefully paired with their plant-mates to maximize the color combinations of both plant and pot.  garden tour collage 3

I loved the baseball wreath on the red door.  I also enjoyed all the unexpected containers.  The great thing about a container garden is that you  can do it almost anywhere!

garden tour collage six

Now I have to back track a little as this was actually the first garden on the stop.  This property included a detached garage with what looked like a small guest apartment.  It also included a hidden walled in barbecue area with a water feature. There was also a conservatory which included very ornate glass windows.  My favorite feature of this property was the garden gate pergola with bench.  It even featured a wired light fixture.  I bet this would be an inviting welcome at night.  And what Texas garden tour would be complete with out a Texas shaped bird bath?

The next property featured a smaller garden but had one of my favorite stand out features from the day.  A stone pathway planted with strawberries in between the stones – a clever idea.


This last stop almost looks like one of Jennifer’s dream homes.

garden tour 7

This house had the largest of all the properties that day.  There were many spots to sit and take in all the beauty – even a hidden pond.  This Agave plant is the largest I’ve ever seen!  You can’t tell from the above photo but this plant was almost as tall as me!  This property seemed to focus on native plants.

We didn’t get to take in all the stops on the tour but I felt as though in the four stops we did make we saw a lot and gathered lots of inspiration.  You never know what might be lurking just over the next hedge or behind the next garden gate.  It was so fun to get to take a peak and have some “real life” pin-spiration! So, did you find it?  Hint:  He was taking a bath!

One thought on “Remember Wren Field Trip: A Hometown Garden Tour

  1. I love, love, love this post. I think it is really a great idea to get gardening inspiration from close to where you live. Many times I’ve seen nice gardens in magazines or online and then realized those plants won’t do well in South Carolina! It is also nice to see ideas that actually work! Some things I see online or in magazines I wonder if any real people actually tried that. I look for gardening inspiration when I’m walking Buster around our neighborhood. I figure if the neighbors can do it, so can I. I also like you put the pictures together in collages. Awesome!

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