Lost in the Weeds

Hello, y’all! I’m feeling a bit frustrated lately by the slow progress we’ve been making around the house and I thought I might as well share my thoughts on the subject. I figure there must be a lot of other DIY homeowners out there like me, who seem to go through periods where it’s hard to accomplish much. Really, if I think about it, we have accomplished things, just not the grand remodeling I had in mind.

I’ve recently written about our new fence and work I’ve done in the backyard. I also mentioned the new HVAC system we had installed and that we’ll lose three trees in our backyard.


Not very creative or inspiring projects to be sure, but things that needed to be done. Unfortunately, these projects have also taken a big bite out of the home improvement budget, $10,000 in total. Yikes! I could have had new floors or really nice kitchen cabinets! But, I suppose I’d be really ticked if our air conditioning went out while a storm blew over our dead trees and the neighbor’s kids and dogs ran loose in our backyard!

So, with the budget annihilated, where does Lease Haus go from here? There is still plenty of weeding and digging in the dirt to be done. That is very low budget work and has the bonus of burning calories. If you follow our blog much, you’ll remember we’re in the process of removing the popcorn from our ceilings. That is a pretty low budget/high elbow grease project. Thankfully we can still afford new paint for the ceilings and walls, so we’ll be working on that for the rest of the year.


Playing in the dirt and scraping popcorn ceilings isn’t very creative. I’m thinking I’ll have to work some arts and crafts projects in every once in a while to keep the creative juices flowing. I also think it would be fun to create some mood boards to give myself and y’all some decorating inspiration. That is how I plan on getting through the rest of this very low budget year.

Have any of you had to blow your home improvement budget on less showy items like HVAC or fences? How do you manage to make progress without spending big bucks?

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About Jennifer

I'm an interior designer at my core and a big fan of simple pleasures and Mother Nature. Originally from Iowa, I've lived up and down the East Coast, plus Alaska and Germany (thanks to my husband, who must have nomadic blood in his veins). Currently I'm a Yankee in South Carolina, trying to keep up with my son and constantly adjusting to life in the South.

2 thoughts on “Lost in the Weeds

  1. I think you have accomplished a lot this year!
    I think digging in the dirt can take you a long way! Just think if you could do all the more fun stuff you might just forget about all that dirt and those ceilings, right? I will be looking forward to some awesome mood boards!!

    • Thanks, Mary Claire! It is starting to warm up outside here so most of my projects will finally move indoors. Back to that dirty ceiling job, but I do enjoy painting. I also have high hopes for some craft projects to do with Josh this summer. It will be interesting for sure.

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