Spring Baking

I made a new dessert from, Vintage Cakes, a great book that I checked out of the library. I was wanting to try something new to make for Easter. So I decided to make the pink cake.


It was chocolate on the inside and I was worried that it would be too sweet but it wasn’t at all. It was just right and the same for the icing. It was perfect and actually not too sweet.


I think it made for a pretty and tasty dessert. If I were to make it again I would try to do a little bit better on the frosting. My cake turned out a little shiny looking. I think I should have followed the directions a little more closely because to me it also had a little bit of an oily taste. So I’ll have to try this one again. There were several recipes I would like to try including Rhubarb Pudding Cake, Berry Long Cake and the Lemon Queen Cakes. Really there are so many I wanted to try that I think I just need to buy this one!


Another springtime dessert I made recently was an Angel food cake. I make this at least once every spring. It is a favorite of mine. I know you might be thinking, Angel food cake? Why, I can just easily pick one of those up at the store. But trust me, make it yourself and you’ll see that the common everyday angel food cake got that name for a reason, it’s heaven!


This last bit of spring time baking actually took place outdoors on a Cub Scout campout. Our pack had our usual Dutch oven contest. It is really amazing to me that you can bake over an open fire. But sure enough in half an hour our dessert was done and it was good!! Our den even won first place!

So what treats have you been baking lately?

3 thoughts on “Spring Baking

  1. Hey, Mary Claire! So, you know I love to bake and now I’m incredibly jealous that you managed to bake something in a Dutch oven over a campfire. I’d really like more details on that, please (like I’m ever gonna do it). You asked what I’ve baked recently and I have to say a few weeks ago, I made the most delicious cupcakes ever! I converted a tricky layer cake recipe to cupcakes. It was tricky because in between the layers are cooked slices of apples. The cake is so heavy and unmanageable, I thought it would be better as a cupcake, so I put bits of cooked apple in the batter and it was super. I always fail at frosting. Even if it tastes good, it looks bad, uneven with air bubbles. Is there a frosting class on Craftsy?

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