Remember Wren Field Trip: Looking for Spring

flower 1It seems this year spring was no where to be found. Even here in Texas a week or so ago I wasn’t sure if Spring was any where in sight so I went looking for Spring and I think I found her at least for a while at the Dallas Arboretum. The flower above is one of my favorites of the day, but there were so many beautiful ones.

paint box

These rows of flowers reminded me of colors in a paintbox. arboretumpic

You can’t really tell from this photo but this area was set up with a one long row of tables for a celebratory luncheon or maybe a wedding reception. What a perfect setting. These are the sort of things I would put on my bucket list. Keep your sky diving, I’ll have a celebratory dinner with friends in this location under the oaks. Check! There were even Cherry Blossoms floating through the breeze. It was lovely.

flower 2

There were so many beautiful blooms at the arboretum that you almost couldnt’ take it all in. But I’ll definitely be heading back there next year this time for another look!

Our search for spring also lead us to some less dramatic spaces such as the side of the road where we found these beauties.bluebonnets2

Hundreds of beautiful bluebonnets. Sprinkled in with the bluebonnets were these guys.


Indian paintbrush. So pretty!

And now today it will reach 90 degrees where I live in Texas so Spring tell summer to back off! We want to enjoy your beauty a little longer, please!! So, what’s blooming where you are?

One thought on “Remember Wren Field Trip: Looking for Spring

  1. Love those fancy tulips. Mine are already done for the season! I think we were gone on vacation during their peak. Thanks for the pick me up Mary Claire! I spent a few hours outside today digging in the dirt. Unfortunately I didn’t get to plant any pretty flowers.

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