Top O’ The List

making rabbit

I told you I was moving this project to the top of the list! I even went a little collage crazy with these photos. This project was surprisingly quick. I figured as long as I was making one I might as well make two! One for each Easter basket that will need to be filled this week!

Below is a series of books that are about a mother rabbit and her son. The rabbits from this pattern look similar to the rabbit characters in these books. This is one of my favorite children’s book series. The stories are sweet and fun. I love the illustrations probably most of all!

rabbit collage 4For the girl rabbit I followed the pattern completely except that I haven’t finished the knitted capelet they provide instructions for in the pattern. I may or may not finish it. I really think I am happy with out it though.

rabbit collage again

For the boy rabbit I made up a clothing pattern since there wasn’t a pattern for boy clothes yet. I personalized it a bit for the recipient as he is currently playing soccer and is almost always dressed in pants similar to the ones that the boy rabbit is wearing.

soccer pants collage

I made this outfit using an old soccer jersey that my son had outgrown.

soccer collage 3

The great thing about using old soccer jerseys as doll clothes, or any old clothes for that matter, is that you can use the existing hem. This enables you to have a neatly finished hem without you having to try to sew tiny pant leg hems on your machine- which would be impossible!

Hopefully, these will be a special addition to the Easter basket this year. What have you been making lately? Anything fun for the upcoming holiday? I hope you all have a very Happy Easter!!!

5 thoughts on “Top O’ The List

    • I just bought the pattern since I already had so many fabric scraps to use. I did have to purchase some felt though. I thought this pattern was so cute!

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