A Skirt for Spring (beware J.No there’s chevron)

I’m ready for spring. How about you? My wardrobe could use a little spring in its step too so I thought it was time to do some more wardrobe sewing. I found this Chevron print at Hobby Lobby. Actually, they had many different Chevrons. They had a yellow, red and a grey chevron on canvas and they were all on sale! I thought the canvas would make a cute tote bag or pillow but I was good and controlled myself. I just went with the gray in the 100 percent cotton. When I saw the gray I remembered this tutorial for a cute skirt and so I decided to pick some up.

Oh, and sorry Jennifer (aka J.No) I seem to be hitting all the items on your – not in my house list! I wonder if I am unconsciously doing this on purpose? I can’t remember what else is on that list besides chevron and chalkboard paint… better go back and check so I can see what my next project will be…ha, ha! At least the chevron is on clothing and not home decor maybe that’s ok with her? I don’t know we’ll have to see…

Ok, back to the skirt. I have to say many times I find online tutorials much easier to follow than traditional patterns. I think it is due to the use of pictures versus drawings. Photos make it so much easier to follow. Also this is a pattern-less tutorial which means no pattern tracing! So this just saves time and makes this project SO much easier!!!

chevron skirt 1Why do I never see the wrinkles in the photo until I go to post it? Wrinkles. That is the bad thing about 100 percent cotton fabric. I think if I were to make this again I would attempt to line the skirt and that may help with the wrinkles. I also may consider another fabric choice all together. I think that now that my skill level in garment sewing has increased I need to leave the 100 cotton fabric behind. It just is not a great choice for garment sewing. I am showing this with my shirt tucked in so you can see the waist band but I wore it with my shirt tucked out. I think it looks better that way.

chevron2Another great thing about this pattern/tutorial is that it includes pockets. You have to draft them yourself which is fairly simple and basically just requires you to trace a shape around your hand. Unfortunately, I didn’t leave enough room for seam allowances so I can’t fit my whole hand in them, but I love the idea of a skirt with pockets!!


Sorry again about the wrinkles! I obviously didn’t take this photo my 4-year-old did! But I just wanted to show you the zipper (and my huge calves! – sorry). I found the gray shoes at Old Navy of all places.

I was really happy with the way the skirt turned out. I think I want to make similar style but in another fabric. It is very comfortable and I think the chevrons make it fun.

Now, I need to do a follow-up on another project… now that Spring is almost here it is way past time for me to show you that hat I was knitting for Valentine’s Day.

heart hat 2

The top with the hearts turned out great, but the ear flaps. Yes they are pretty goofy looking. I have never knit a hat as a flat piece before but that is what this pattern required. I think I would have rather knit the hat in the round and added the ear flaps later. The directions for knitting the ear flaps was confusing and so I think that is why they look a little misshapen. Also as you can see this hat is HUGE! I probably should have knit this in a smaller size. But oddly enough my daughter really likes this hat. So, yes, she has worn this outside of the house. She will probably be pretty upset when she gets bigger and wonders why I let her go around with this thing on her head! See, we are staying true to our word on this blog and following up on the good, the bad and the er, um.. not so nice looking – we’ll put it that way…

Ok, so I just checked Jennifer’s list and I’m off to go paint a quaint saying on my wood wall treatment:) So what are you up to lately? Are you adding anything new to your wardrobe for Spring?

3 thoughts on “A Skirt for Spring (beware J.No there’s chevron)

  1. You crack me up! I would never dare to comment on fashion choices and I can’t wait to see your wood pallet wall with the quote, “Live, Laugh, Love.” I think I say this after every sewing or knit project you share, when are you going to open an Etsy shop?

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