What You Don’t Know About The Gals of Remember Wren

On Remember Wren, we’re pretty honest about the ups and downs of crafting and decorating, but we don’t typically share very much about our personal lives. In honor of our anniversary we thought it would be fun to celebrate by sharing a few things about ourselves that y’all may not know.

Jennifer: I very much dislike clowns. I think they are creepy as heck and that was before I watched Stephen King’s It. You won’t find any clown or circus themed items in my house. I really don’t know why I dislike them so. Hmmm . . . maybe it was the possessed decor from my childhood bedroom that included a hooked yarn clown wall hanging and a clown music box/planter. That’s right, this clown shaped flowerpot had a spinning music box head. Weird!

Even the most innocent clown looks suspicious to Jennifer.

Even the most innocent clown looks suspicious to Jennifer.

I snort.

I’m left-handed, but I do a lot of stuff only with my right hand. A few years ago I learned I’m not ambidextrous, I’m mixed-handed. If I right you a letter, I’ll do it with my left hand, but if I’m going to punch you, look out for my right fist. I can’t write with my right hand and I won’t come at you with my left.

I like to collect jewelry, but I often forget to wear any. Such a shame.

Jennifer wearing half of her collection.

I’m insanely envious of people who speak multiple languages fluently.

Mary Claire: This is hard. Do we have to share? I’m admittedly a pretty private person, plus, really is anybody gonna care that much? Ugh….ok……Hmm….I do not like to squint-ever. Maybe it is because my eyes are already kinda squinty and when I squint they almost close shut. So I wear sunglasses ALL the time even when it is cloudy! My husband makes fun of me and calls me “Hollywood”. I never buy very expensive sunglasses because I go through them like tissue… See I’m thinking this is pretty boring…ok well once I was interviewed on MTV. They were doing a show on my boyfriend’s (now husband’s) college, The Citadel. This was when they were just starting to admit women to the college. Of course they asked me all the questions they said they were not going to ask me right when they turned on the camera. I remember being pretty embarrassed about the whole thing.

Let’s see…. I’ve visited the Great Wall of China. We went in December though and to a steep part of the wall with steps. The stairs were icy and I was so afraid of slipping and sliding all the way down!

The Great Wall of China. Mary Claire is way in the back. Where is the ice?

I have lived at addresses that included all of the following: Blvd, Street, Drive, Curve, Road, Avenue and even three Strasses.

My husband and I did lots of traveling before having kids when we lived in Germany the first time. One of the places that we went was the island of Gozo near Malta. We paid a taxi driver to give us a tour of the island…mostly it turned out really cool, but one of the places we went was to some guy’s house who had a grotto in his basement that you got to basically by going down a spiral staircase from this hole in his floor. There were lots of interesting mineral formations down there and such but thinking back on it we were pretty trusting of these people to go down there!

Valletta, Malta. Mary Claire went underground for treasure, just like Indiana Jones.

Jennifer: Mary Claire, I’m so glad you shared all that. I had no idea and I’m your friend and blog partner! I promise you won’t have to share for a whole ‘nother year, if you don’t want to.

Mary Claire: Thanks, Jen! I didn’t know you were left-handed! How did I miss that? And clowns…don’t get me started…Ok, so maybe this sharing stuff wasn’t so bad!

Okay, we consider our anniversary sufficiently celebrated so we’ll be back to regular blogging next week.

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About Jennifer

I'm an interior designer at my core and a big fan of simple pleasures and Mother Nature. Originally from Iowa, I've lived up and down the East Coast, plus Alaska and Germany (thanks to my husband, who must have nomadic blood in his veins). Currently I'm a Yankee in South Carolina, trying to keep up with my son and constantly adjusting to life in the South.

2 thoughts on “What You Don’t Know About The Gals of Remember Wren

  1. Keep up the good work, girls! It has been fun and informative to read the blog.I have several friends who read and comment on the blog.
    Jennifer, I hope Mary will share her feelings as a child about people dressed up as characters!

    • Yeah, I should have added that when I was 5 years old and my family went to Disney World I stayed behind with my grandmother because I was scared of people dressed as characters! Mickey Mouse would have totally freaked me out!

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