Remember Wren One Year Blogiversary!

blogiversaryDid you know that March is National Craft month?  Guess what else happens this month?  Our blog turns a year old!  Yahoo!  We actually made it one year!  It seems like a good time to reflect about the past year and think about the future of our blog.  So here is a little Mary Claire/Jennifer Q&A on our first year of blogging.

What do we like or most enjoy about blogging?

Mary Claire:  I have really enjoyed having a space to write about and keep track of my various projects.  A lot of times I really wish I would have done this sooner!  But in many ways I’m glad I waited as I can’t really imagine trying to write a coherent blog as the parent of a toddler! (Although I know many people do it and do it well – I just would not be one of those people!).  Also I enjoy keeping up with Jennifer’s projects.  This has been a great way to keep in touch with a friend who is states away.  I also just enjoy the exercise of writing out my thoughts about the projects that I have done.  I have photos from before I had a blog of lots of projects but I can’t always remember the whys or the hows behind all of them.

Jennifer: I love that blogging gives me an opportunity to write. I have to set aside time every week to do something I wish I had time to do every day. Sharing my decorating and craft projects is a bonus. Staying in touch with a good friend is really the icing on the cake. I also think the blog forces me to think projects through a bit more before I get started so I can better document the process for the blog. The extra thought put into the projects helps, unless you consider the art project fail I shared a few weeks ago.

Jennifer and Mary Claire, Germany 2011

Mary Claire and Jennifer, Germany 2011

What have we found to be the biggest challenge?

Mary Claire:  For me the biggest challenge is carving out the time to work on posts and balance it with the other things I probably should be doing!  I write my posts while the kids are in school but I have to put a time limit on it because if you aren’t careful it could take up a lot of your time!

Jennifer: I think the biggest challenge for me has been getting the pictures to accurately show how a project looks in real life. I don’t have a fancy camera and I sometimes wonder if it would improve the picture quality if I did. Then when I look at the price of cameras, I think of a list as long as my arm of things I’d rather have for my house. So, I’ll have to do the best I can with the camera I have. Hopefully with the combination of better technique and photo editing, my pictures will keep improving.

Nail Through Marks on Template

What has been the biggest surprise about blogging?

Mary Claire:  I have found the biggest surprise about blogging to be how long even the simplest posts can take to publish.  The average posts usually takes me at least 2 hours of work including editing photos, writing and proof-reading.  It all takes a lot more time than I thought!

Jennifer: Even after a year, I’m surprised when someone I don’t even know likes or comments on the blog. Then it surprises me how excited I get that strangers read our blog.

nervous nelly

What do we hope to accomplish on the blog in the coming year?

Mary Claire:  I hope to come up with more original projects this year.  There will still be lots of me showing myself sewing up other people’s patterns/tutorials, but I would like to also put more of my original ideas on the blog and possibly some tutorials to go along with them.  I would like to see us participate more in the blogosphere and possibly get involved in some community wide blogging challenges.


Jennifer: I think Mary Claire and I will work on more posts and projects together, which will be so much fun. I also think the look of our blog will evolve a little more and maybe we’ll even expand readership. I’m with Mary Claire when I say I hope to be a better member of the blogging community this year.

We look forward to the year ahead!  We hope you will stick around to see what we’re up to and we look forward to hearing from you as we share with you in the year to come.

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